Liz John Black on “6 strong lessons being married has taught me about marriage”

It is the sixth wedding anniversary of celebrity photographer, Yomi Black and wife, Liz John Black. To celebrate the couple’s special day, Liz shared on her Instagram page strong lessons being married to her hubby has taught her about marriage.

Liz shared several pictures of her beautiful family and wrote:

”HIS & HERS: 6 years and 6 strong lessons I have learnt from being married…

1: Focus more on the positives than negatives and have a grateful attitude.

2: Work on your craft to get fulfilment.

3. Maintain or work to improve your appearance always.

4: Always have “fun” sex or make sexual gestures with your partner.

5: Equality/ Superiority isn’t the goal, Partnership & Teamwork is.

6: Work on inner happiness and always be ready to forgive….

P.s if you want me to expand these points, post in the comment or DM me.
GOD BLESS. #TheBlacks #Love#marriage#6years..

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For 11 years I have known you, for 10 years we have been best friends, for 6 years we have been married and forever we will continue to achieve great success in every aspect of our lives.

All I want to say is THANK YOU @yomiblack Thank you, thank you, thank you 100x.
You are literally the best man I know, gosh! There is none like you and there will never be. Your character, principles, wisdom, intellect, and creativity are your strongest qualities and I love you so much for it and more.

You are too too good to me and our son, you are honest, trustworthy, sacrificing, loyal, forgiving, loving and a strong rock and pillar for us. I love you so much, I knew then in 2012 I made the best decision and in 2018 and onwards, I still choose you.


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Love is real through you @yomiblack . Everyday you show me the possibilities and capacity of this thing called Love. I thought I was the one to know all about it, but you beat me to it.

We have fought battles to be here today, God has kept us, we are WINNERS! Happy Anniversary Baby@yomiblack#iloveyou#wearewinners#6years#happyweddinganniversary

 Photo credit@photojhenie/Instagram
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