Dear MIMsters: Even Though We Are Not Married Yet, He Wants To Run My Life

I need you all to tell me if I am right or wrong. Even though we are not married yet, my boyfriend wants to run my life.

I have this boyfriend who lives in Italy. I am based here at home in Africa and financially stable, and I take care of all my expenses. He has sent money only once to me after he left for Italy and that was because I was in the hospital.

He never intimates me with any of his daily activities but would always expect me to tell him where I went to, who I spoke with and who I called. He wants me to seek his opinion on everything I want to do, even if I go home to see my dad or visit friends. Ha! I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I fought it and he stopped.

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Recently, I had plans to bring my 16 year-old cousin to come live with me as I live all alone in a 2 bedroom flat. I told him of my plans and he said I was suppose to seek his opinion first. I reminded him of how he had traveled to France for Easter but only told me 2 hours to his flight. I asked him why he didn’t seek my opinion on that and by the way how does my cousin living with me in my own house affect him who lives in a country far away. Besides, I have the means of taking care of her so I see nothing wrong in my decision cause I only want the best for her. He got angry and told me to have a nice day. I replied, telling him to have a better day.

I thought it was just a misunderstanding but I have realized for some days now, he has stopped texting me, replying my texts and picking my calls.

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My question is was I really suppose to seek his opinion on this issue? I live my life without any contribution from him and the relationship isn’t even official yet. Meanwhile, he boasts, telling people that I am his girlfriend and wants us to get married when he returns home in 2020 to settle here.

Please, tell me, what are your thoughts?

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“Dear MIMsters: Even Though We Are Not Married Yet, He Wants To Run My Life”
  • And you truly think within yourself to continue this relationship?this control freak?that doesn’t respect your opinions,or the fact that you should know his plans? I hope it’s not the veil of ‘promise to Marry’ dt is covering ur eyes?

  • Please don’t tell me you are considering continuing this relationship?? This is a huge red flag there sister girl. Use this disagreement as opportunity to end the relationship quietly. That guy is toxic.

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