WOW! Parents With 13 Sons Welcome 14th Baby

A couple in Michigan, United States, Kateri and Jay Schwandt who already 13 children welcomed another baby, their 14th, on Wednesday and their family could not be more proud.

The Schwandt family, with boys ranging in age from 25 years to 2 days, reportedly wanted the birth of their fourteenth baby to be a surprise and this time, they welcomed yet another boy.

In fact, Jay Schwandt said the couple has never known ahead of time.

“That’s like opening your Christmas presents on Thanksgiving.”

ABCnews reports that the 13 older boys were “pretty split” on whether they wanted to have another brother or a little girl. And even though this was his 14th time experiencing the birth of a child, it was “just as exciting the 14th time around.”

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The father of 14 children revealed that the 14th child is the end of the road for his couple.

“This realistically is the end of the road as far as making babies.”

Meanwhile, his wife stated that she has gotten used to large families, adding that every child brings something special to the family.

“We really savored this one,” he said, noting that the high school sweethearts are realistically at the end of their baby-making days. “Every little kick, every moment felt special.”

”Each little one that has entered our family has brought something special to the entire makeup of the family and without anyone of them it wouldn’t feel right.”

Today, there’s 11 Schwandt boys still living with the parents. Jay Schwandt said though that it’s his wife who is the “glue that holds the family together. She’s an awesome mom.”

Kateri Schwandt herself is one of 14 kids — seven boys and seven girls.

And since the five older boys all have girlfriends, there are females around that “feel like part of the family,” said Jay Schwandt.

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The whole clan 13 boys, two parents and five girlfriends recently took a vacation prior to baby’s birth. That’s not unusual, Jay Schwandt said, noting that the family does many activities as a group.

“There’s plenty of attention to go around,” Jay Schwandt said when asked what advice he would give to a couple who wants a larger family than is seen as typical.

“We love this,” Jay Schwandt said. “I can’t imagine not doing this.”

Kateri and Jay named their newborn baby Finley Sheboygan Schwandt. It was gathered that the name was inspired by the story of a Native American chief who was the father of many boys.

“The chief believed his last child would be a girl. When the baby was a boy, the chief named him Sheboygan for “she is a boy again.”

“I’m kind of the leader of this pack and it’s very rewarding. It’s times 14 to set a good example, be a good role model. I’m very proud,” Jay Schwandt said.

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