Multitasking: 8 Other Things A Mum Can Do While Breastfeeding

Ogbugoh Terundu Joy

Breastfeeding can feel like being held up in traffic – you are stuck in one position and can’t do much of any other thing, but this is not completely true. Multitasking is very possible even while breastfeeding. Below are some cool stuff  that you can do while your baby is latching away.

1. Surf on the Internet: With one free hand, you can swipe your way through the Internet, read some news and catch up on some of the latest fashion trends.

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2. Send Messages: You probably have a pile of unreplied mails. You can get down to this as your baby sucks away. Thank God for the swipe function that comes with most keyboards these days, you can easily type your messages by swiping which is easier and fast. 

3. Read a Book: Being a mom can be so demanding, it feels like you have little to no time for yourself but thank God for multitasking, you can indulge in your little pleasures like reading a book, your Bible or simply catching up on your devotional as you breastfeed.

4. Have a Pedicure: Having a me time and attending to your baby? what a great combo!!! As your baby feeds off you, you can have your nails being attended to.

5. Spend Time with Your Other Children: If you have another child, then breastfeeding is a great time to spend some time with him. You can sit by him and watch his favorite program with him or share in any other thing he may be doing, like drawing or simply guiding him in his assignments.

6. Sleep. You can breastfeed your baby while lying down, not only would this give you some well deserved rest, your baby would doze off soon after too.

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7. Watch TV: Grab the remote and change the channels as much as you want to.

8. Write: A Writer always has some ideas that she is dying to put down, even if you are not a writer, there must be something you need to write down so you can remember it a later date, and why not? With one free hand, you can scribble away while your baby sucks on.

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