“Why I should not be tagged a husband snatcher” Toyin Abraham’s Ex Husband’s New Wife, Seyi Edun Speaks Up

For the first time Nollywood actress, Seyi Edun who recently tied the knot with the ex-husband of another actress, Toyin Abraham defends her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson, a fellow actor.

Since Adeniyi and Seyi made their affair public on social media since, fans have questioned how it all began knowing, Adeniyi was formerly married to beautiful actress, Toyin. Things went sour for the former couple despite what fans thought to be an amazing marriage.

In 2013,  Toyin and Adeniyi tied the knot at the Ikoyi registry in Lagos, but ended the union two years later, citing irreconcilable differences.
At that time, Toyin told her fans:

“In the end we are both at fault. I held on too tight and he didn’t hold on enough.

If I don’t say this to my fans, then I will be an ingrate, I have never seen or heard about any breakup and fans beg this much, but please let God take the wheels please somethings are nice physically but not spiritually and some spiritually but not physically.

God will lead me, let him lead us please, I don’t want to make any mistake trying to please you fans I really do appreciate the Love and I’m sure he does too, if God says yes no man can ever say no and if he says no then no man can ever say yes…if I don’t acknowledge all your love, pleads and messages, then i will be an ingrate.

I love u all from the bottom of my heart, please keep praying and supporting us.”

It however surprised fans when the actor seemed to move on quickly and start a new relationship with actress, Seyi Edun. Many immediately concluded they had been an on-going affair that most likely triggered the separation between Adeniyi and Toyin.

In what seems like an official announcement of their marriage, Seyi, in a recent interview Stella Dimoko-Korkus, decided to reveal her new status and why she should not be tagged a husband-snatcher.

Seyi Edun who is now officially married to former husband of Toyin Aimakhu, however, said she met Adeniyi as a single man and their friendship blossomed into something special.

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“Well, I never denied it. We were friends at that particular moment. As events unfolded, our friendship grew to a greater point. But now, I can categorically say that we are cool and happy together as a couple. Apparently, that is untrue.

People say different things from afar, but the truth is sacred. I can count how many times I set my eyes on them (Toyin and Adeniyi) together as couple or so. When I met Adeniyi, they were already separated.

What is happening between ADENIYI and I is what I call destiny, whatever story that has been sold about me in that aspect I know pretty soon God will vindicate me and expose all truth.”

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When asked about the crashed marriage between her man and his ex, Seyi said:

”As much as I love my man, I won’t like us to discuss further on what transpired between him and his past marriage/relationships.”

WCE ????❤????❣… Pls come with me to the future God has gone ahead ????????

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The couple seem happy together and united as they stand firm facing the world and backlash as one.

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