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Dear MIMsters: My Haughty Husband Is Making Me Lose My Mind

My haughty husband is the type of man who enjoys when I come asking him for everything but at the same time he doesn’t give me exactly what I want.

For instance, if I ask him money for my personal use, he’ll give me just half of it and I’ll have to make up with what I have, which does not make sense to me.

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He’s not somebody I can rely on for anything at all. It’s been 5 years now since he promised to open up a shop for me but he hasn’t kept to his promise. Whenever I remind him, he tells me to relax that he will. He doesn’t want me to work or do any business, he just enjoy seeing me staying at home.

I know how I squeezed out money from my end to learn a skill after many failed attempts. We are owing our landlord a balance of 300k, while our rents will be due in July for another 600k. Making it total of 900k.

What is most worrisome is that he doesn’t even care because I can see he is not even working towards it.

Now my mum has offered to open a shop for me, so I went to discuss it with my hubby. His reaction was bad. He flared up, shouting at the top of his voice, saying, that my mum has no right to do that, that it is an insult to his person, that he’s my husband and will do for me what he wants to do when he has the capital.

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I’m the hustling type and I don’t find it funny staying at home. Please I need your advice as I’m beginning to lose my mind.

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“Dear MIMsters: My Haughty Husband Is Making Me Lose My Mind”
  • Collect the money from your mom and bank it without his knowledge then start doing small small petty trade. Each time you make a sale, keep the money in the bank and transfer a portion of the money your mom gave you to that account also.

    Tell him business is very good and you’re making sales, even if you aren’t. With time you should have sufficient reason to use the money your mom gave you with no suspicions

  • Allow your mom open the shop and let’s see him bring heaven down mtschew. He has refused to do it and doesn’t want someone else to do it either. When will he have the capital for it!?

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