4 Ways to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

Ogbugoh Terundu Joy

Having a good self esteem as a child is the foundation to leading a happy and successful adult life. To help your child grow up into a confident adult, you must build their self esteem now. Below are four things you could do…

1. Words of Assurance: If you tell a child that he is foolish long enough, he will start believing he is foolish. What you say to your child constantly becomes his inner voice. Therefore, when speaking to your child, choose words that will build them up and not tear them down.

Contrary to African mentality, It is possible to effectively scold or correct a child without using demeaning words.

2. Do not make them feel like failures because they failed at something: Your child wants to impress you, they want to make you smile, make you proud and so when they fail at an exam, a competition, a try out or something, it can break and make them feel like it is the end of the world.

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It is in your place to let them know that it isn’t. Instead of scolding and reminding your child of her contemporaries who passed and do not have two heads, encourage your child and find out ways to help her do better next time. Most importantly, let her understand that failing at something does not make her a  failure. As a matter of fact, failure is a normal cycle of life and it gives room for individual growth and improvement.

3. Listen to your Child: Listening to your child makes them feel important, that is knowing their thoughts actually count. Don’t be quick to dismiss your child or tag their talks as noisemaking. Listen patiently and show genuine interest. This would make them unafraid to express themselves wherever they go.

4. Identify with their Passions: You would like your child to grow up to become a doctor, so you guide your child in that part. How about what your child wants?  It is good to lead your child towards a successful path but success rarely grows without passion.

Help your child discover his passion and encourage him in that direction and you will have a confident child.

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