Dear MIMsters: Is It Wrong To Marry My Late Wife’s Best Friend?

Is it wrong to marry my late wife’s best friend? Before you judge me, please read my story.

I was happily married to my wife until I lost her to cancer over two years ago. I was devastated.

Our marriage produced 3 lovely children all under the age of 6. I had no idea how I was going to continue to raise all 3 kids without their mother who managed the home-front very well. I have a well paying job but an equally demanding one.

Meanwhile, my wife had a best friend, Tola. They have been great friends even before I met my wife. She stepped in immediately after my wife’s death to look after the kids and help out with the running of the home. My in-laws were not happy with that and criticised are every move.

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The funny thing was they couldn’t offer much help while Tola who ran her own business shelved it aside to help pick up the kids from and school, after which she will help them with home-work before I returned. She understood their needs and was able to respond to them in a way that my in-laws would not have been able to do, and they loved her too.

I appreciated her help. Soon after, my appreciation turned to admiration and I was always looking forward to her visits. I became very fond of her and she’s got a very interesting personality.

The bottomline is I would like to make her my wife but inlaws are objecting. Don’t I have a right to remarry, even if it’s my late wife’s best friend?

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“Dear MIMsters: Is It Wrong To Marry My Late Wife’s Best Friend?”
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