Dear MIMsters: Should I Entangle Myself In This Love Triangle

Should I entangle myself in this love triangle?
I met this woman whom I later approached for a relationship after studying her. I am the kind of a person who loves to study a girl’s attitude before embarking on a relationship to avoid regrets and had I know.
Then, I finally approached her.
Meanwhile I have this best friend, whom I regard as a brother. I served his parents at home when he was still in school, we attend the same church and was baptised on the same day.
The problem is a few days after I approached this woman, my best friend saw me with this same woman and he got angry with me. He went on to ask her out and she reported him to me. She told me to caution him because he is my friend.
Two days after this,  I discovered she has started going out with him. Then he ganged up with his other friends, came to my house to give me a federal warning to stay away from this woman.
I love our friendship and I have never wanted violence nor malice in my life. I tried my best to see how we can resolve issues as friends and avoid any more clashes but he told me my name is not written on her forehead. I can’t stop him from going out with her, so I called her and ended the relationship.
A month later, she sent three of my friends to come and beg me and asked for my forgiveness. I already forgave her since. I just don’t want to go out with a woman that my friend has once gone out with but she keeps begging and sending more people to come and beg me on her behalf. What should I do?
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  • Ignore her she’s trouble from the day go.
    You don’t want to be in that triangle. Let her go back to your best friend after all she chose him over you.

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