Dear MIMsters: My Husband Says I Can’t Have Both. Which Should I Pick?

Hello fam! I am caught between two choices and I need your advice on which one to pick. My husband says that I can’t have both.
I live in Cape Town, I cook Nigerian food from home based on orders and deliver to my customers wherever they are. Although it sells very well, I don’t have a shop or restaurant. If I have a store, I am very sure I will have a lot more customers.

Now, I would like to do a culinary chef program for 3 years. Attaining this certificate from this culinary school will give me a broad knowledge on how to make different kind of pastries, intercontinental and foreign dishes, which is a deviation from Nigerian meals.

I know that it’s not going to be easy because I am am mum to 2 toddlers and would have to drive to the school which about 2 hours away from my home. The school fees is about 4.5 million a year, which we can afford. I know it’s pretty high.

To this, my husband is saying that I must decide to take one of these two options within a week.

1. to open the shop for me with the 3 years school fee and continue selling Nigerian food or
2. if I wish to go to the culinary school, he will pay the fees but when I graduate, I must sort myself out and not expect any financial assistance from him.
Now I am confused and do not know which to choose. I really would love to go to school. Or should I just open a shop and forget about school?
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“Dear MIMsters: My Husband Says I Can’t Have Both. Which Should I Pick?”
  • Please open a shop and start saving. In two to three years you may be able to afford the fees and still have the desired skills, and your kids would be older to sort themselves to an extent. The choices we have to make as mother’s and wives

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