Shed Some Pounds Using These Surefire Tricks

Ireyimika Oyegbami

Maintaining a healthy weight can often be a struggle, but there are numerous tricks which you can play on yourself to help keep weight gain in check. Whether you’re looking to shed some weight, or simply establish a healthy lifestyle, the first place to start is to not just to change what you eat, but the way you eat.

Self-empowerment coach, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Toni Mackenzie says to do the following:

• Give your meal full attention while you’re eating.

• Inhale the aroma of the dish before you even taste it.

• Take small bites, savour the flavour on your tongue, notice the texture as you chew, identify the different flavours within each mouthful. Take your time and really enjoy the whole experience.

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• Make your food look appetising. Think about adding a variety of different coloured vegetables or fruits to your plate or dish so it looks attractive.

• Put smaller portions on your plate. Most people who don’t eat healthily tend to finish everything on their plate, even when they would have been satisfied with less. If when you’ve eaten all that’s on your plate you are genuinely still hungry you could always add a little more.

• Chew each mouthful around 30 times: Eating until you are full and eating quickly triples your risk of becoming overweight. Digestion starts in the mouth and as we chew we are releasing salivary enzymes like amylase that begin the breakdown of food, specifically carbohydrates.



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