Meet Babies Born With Remarkable Birthmarks

When Andrew and Lacey Jackson welcomed  their baby girl, Natalie, they were shocked to see out she has a huge black birthmark covering a third of her face.

The Hull dad and his American wife were “filled with panic” when they saw their baby Natalie for the first time, come out of the womb on January 9, 2018, with a distinctive blotch which made her look like the superhero Batman, MirrorUK reports.

Mrs Jackson said:

“Hearing her first cry was so special. Then the nurse lifted our girl up, after my C-section, and I saw the big black mark on the left-hand side of her face.

“She was so beautiful, but it looked like a bruise and I was worried in case it was something I had done to her during my pregnancy.

“Medics said it was just a birthmark, though, and she was breathing and healthy.”

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As Lacey cradled her newborn baby, who was born weighing 7lb 1oz, she began to fear what other people would think of the black mask-like mark as doctors warned her and her husband that the blotch would continue to grow.

“As I cuddled our gorgeous baby girl, feeling enamoured by her, I worried that people might just see her for her birthmark, and not the beautiful person I knew she would grow to be.

In that moment, I decided we would love her so much and give her all the confidence in the world, to make sure she could see how beautiful she is – and how she can achieve anything she wants.”

The couple have two older children, Elliott and Devin. And after they met their baby sister for the first time, they came up with her superhero nickname.

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”One of the boys asked, ‘What’s that on her face, mummy? What’s the black mark?’ I told him it was her superhero mask,” Mrs Jackson said.

“I told them that, because of it, she could achieve anything. People tell us how amazing her birthmark is and how gorgeous she is and we couldn’t agree more.

We’ll always tell her it’s a part of who she is and who she is supposed to be. People will always know how special she is with her birthmark and how amazing she is inside and out.”

A week after Natalie was delivered, her parents took her to see an ophthalmologist – a specialist in diagnosing eye disease.

They wanted to make sure the birthmark was not causing any damage to her eyesight and also made trips to a dermatologist and a skin specialist with the youngster also undergoing an MRI scan.


Because of the abnormality, Natalie faces a number of health risks growing up but her parents have surprisingly decided to not get rid of their daughter’s black blotch.

Some strangers make odd glances towards the little girl in the street but Natalie’s parents don’t care. They think “it’s good to be different” and want her to embrace her birthmark in the hope she will become a stronger person because of it.

There are some other babies born with potentially life-threatening black birthmark like Natalie.

Baby Christopher Mays Jr. was born last year with a rare skin condition called Nevus. This handsome Black American child was born with multiple birthmarks which has put him at the risk of a major disease in the nearest future.

The spots on his skin hasn’t prevented the parents from loving him as the mother has opened an Instagram account for him.

Meet another adorable baby with a huge mark on her face. Baby Shanaya’s parents are from the tiny island of Meedhoo in Dhaalu Atoll in the Maldives and live on less than $800 dollars a month between them.

Baby Shanaya

The parents are extremely worried about their daughter’s future after doctors advised them to go abroad with Shanaya so she could have plastic surgery.

“There is a chance of the scar spreading. Or even it may become cancerous. So most of the doctors are saying go for surgery,” Shanaya’s father said.

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