Dear MIMsters: I am Losing Concentration and Do Not Know What Else to Do

I am only 21 years old who just started learning how to sew and now, I am losing concentration.

I met this guy almost six months ago through a friend of mine back in SHS. I wasn’t really interested in him because of what I’ve been through in my relationships in the past. While I thought giving it a try to see if it would work, I wasn’t really committed because I was afraid of going through a heartbreak again.

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I didn’t like how he speaks rudely to me and doesn’t care if anyone is listening on. He is also stingy. I decided to give him some space to see if this would change him because he claims that he has been hurt before too.

For two good months, we didn’t speak to each other. Later, I called him to make up with him and I decided to pay him a visit. When I searched through his wardrobe when he was not around, to my surprise, I saw some condoms and a woman’s hairnet. I asked him about the condoms and he said, “shebi, I am a boy and I do go out, so I need to have them.” He claimed his mum left the net when she came for a sleepover and said that I could also use it too.

On another day, I went there and found photos of a girl younger than me, alongside her birth certificate and a birthday card in the wardroe. When he returned, I asked him who Comfort was. He also asked me if she came around and I said that means she has been coming in when I’m not around.

He got angry and asked me what right I have to go through his wardrobe. The next morning, when he was going out, he lock the door of the wardrobe and took the keys with him.

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On his birthday, I bought him a customized bracelet. I told him that I had a surprise for him and he ignored me, but was busy playing games on his tablet. He didn’t even looking at me. I got mad, took the game tablet and flung it away. Then I told him to close his eyes and stretch out his hand. After begging him to, he did.

I wore him the bracelet and he never said a thank you. That same night, he removed the bracelet. He asked me for a hundred cedis to pay his bills and I gave him. Yet again, I never got a thank you from him. He was on his phone throughout the night, chatting. This is something, he never does with me.

I have tried pleasing him but he doesn’t see nor appreciate me, yet my love for him keeps growing. He called me an attention seeker, that I’m always seeking for his attention. One day, I made up my mind to confess my love for him, to tell him everything and how crazy I am in love with him. When I finally did, he told me that he sometimes misses his ex-girlfriend and wish he could have her back.

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He says his ex is far better than me and that he doesn’t like anything about me: the way I talk, dress, walk, laugh and he means everything. I cried like a baby that night and I made up my mind to discontinue with the relationship.

The problem is I am so much into him that I am losing concentration. I don’t know what else to do.

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  • Please forget the relationship and walk away. Stay off relationship for a while and concentrate on building yourself as a lady pls. Study God’s Word and he will show you the way.
    GOD LOVES YOU. Always remember that.

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