8 Ridiculous Pregnancy Myths You Should Discard

Eyinade Eweje

Every now and then, pregnant women are fed myths thought to ensure their safety and their baby’s by family, neighbours, friends and even strangers. While some of these myths are quite amusing and you ought to discard, others claim to portend health consequences that preggies can’t but lose sleep over. Find out what’s not true and free your mind off the unnecessary anxiety.

1. Raising your arms entangles the umbilical cord.

Maternal movement does not entangle the umbilical cord, foetal movement does, and your doctor can monitor this through ultrasound and foetal wellness tests. While you should not overexert yourself lifting heavy objects, raising your arms above your head to stretch, get things done or engaging in moderate intensity pre-natal yoga is harmless.


2. Eating for two.

So, your mum says you need to eat for two and gladly, you’ve been helping yourself to double portions. Eating for two by no means entails taking double of your usual portion each mealtime. Therefore, what you actually need do is take small but regular healthier portions that will supply needed nutrients like calcium, folates, iron. Doubling your caloric intake only helps you pack unnecessary pounds you may have issues shedding post-partum.

3. Attaching a safety pin to your undergarments protects your baby from evil spirits.

This one is so hot. Really, does attaching a safety pin to your underwear (close to your tummy) protect your baby from evil spirits when you’re out? Well, there are no medical facts to support this. If you’re that scared of spirits, pray!

4. Walking under the sun or very late at night exposes your baby to wandering spirits. 

The consequence attached to walking in the sun or late in the night is perhaps just a plot to discourage pregnant women from exposing themselves unduly to the very hot afternoon weather and night hazards..

5. Having Sex Hurts the baby.

Sex is considered safe for mum and baby throughout a normal, low-risk pregnancy. The baby is fully protected by the amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles. Therefore, it’s not quite possible for sexual activity to physically hurt your baby. If you’ve been fed ‘orgasm can cause a miscarriage,’ take relieve in the fact that contractions from orgasm are completely different from the type associated with labour. What you should worry about is practicing safe sex as your baby is not immune to sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Should you have a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor will advise you on what precautions to take.

6. Heartburn during pregnancy means you will have a hairy baby.

That burning sensation in your chest and throat is caused by the physical and hormonal changes in your body and should be dissociated from having a hairy baby. During pregnancy, the ligaments that prevent reflux of digestive acids relax. That coupled with the pressure your developing foetus puts on your tummy makes heartburn unavoidable. Whether a baby turns out hairy or not is totally based on the genes he inherits from his parents.

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7. Your baby could resemble anyone who crosses over your legs. 

Just like having heartburn during pregnancy won’t make you have a hairy baby, your baby won’t have the physical features you dread or love just because someone that has them stepped across your legs. What your baby looks like absolutely depends on his genetic composition.

8. Carrying high means it’s a girl, carrying low means it’s a boy.

You’ve been told that it’s a boy if you’re carrying low, and a girl if you’re carrying high. This is a guess game that has failed several expectant mums. The way you carry is determined by your muscle and uterine tone as well as the position of your baby.  Also, the amount of fat deposited around the abdomen contributes to the size and shape of your belly. An ultrasound scan is a more reliable way to determine your baby’s sex.

Overall, losing sleep over any pregnancy myth is absolutely unnecessary. Listen to whatever your old folks, experienced friends and others perceive as the dos and don’ts for fun but ultimately, seek and confirm any information relating to your health and your baby’s from your doctor. As long as you do that, sit back and enjoy the unsolicited tales and advice. They won’t stop coming until your 9-month course is successfully over.

So, what’s the most hilarious or scary pregnancy myth you’ve heard?

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