Dear MIMsters: I Don’t Think She Loves Me Anymore Since I Lost My Job

I have been involved with a lady for the past two years. We were going to get married in December this year but I lost my job in February.

Even though I lost my job, I still wanted us to proceed with our initial plans to get married. I suggested that we start our marriage counselling which usually last for six months. But her reply was, “after counseling, then what?”

I told her that we would get married. She asked me, “where are we going to stay after marriage?”

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I told her we would live in my four bedroom house that I have completed but without tiles and furniture. She said I would have to furnish the house first. I told her that we can live in my parent’s house for a year while I furnish my house. She asked again that when we go to meet elders at her church, they will want to know where I work and where I live.

To cut a long story short, I saw that she’s lost interest in the relationship since I lost my job, so I stopped visiting her. She too never visited me again. I decided not to call for three day and she did not call me either. I started calling again. After a while, I decided to try not to call her again. It’s been 27 days since the last time I called her.

I have come to the conclusion that she doesn’t love me anymore. Since, I have performed the customary rites before, traditionally, she is my wife. Now, I want to go and see her family so I can release her. What do you think?

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“Dear MIMsters: I Don’t Think She Loves Me Anymore Since I Lost My Job”
  • Bros u should thank God that she showed her true colour in time. She is not your wife. If she is, she will stand by u during your trying period. Get over her. God will provide your own wife for you. She only wanted u because of what u can provide .Goodluck

  • Pls forget about this lady and thank God you lost your job. You now know she would never stand by you when in difficulty. Don’t go and meet her family. God will give you your own wife.

  • go and see the parents and tell them you are no more, to cut ties permanently because they may think you are still with her. she should be lucky since you have a house for now and even have something to marry her fully. maybe God used the lost job issue to test her and she failed. God will give you your real wife during this trying times and a job again. don’t be shaken!

  • God has done it for you. This land is not a wife material that can stood by you at ur trying times.

    She is an opportunist and ungrateful lady.

    Let her be and don’t call her again. Informed the parents about your decision. God will lift you again.

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