Dear MIMsters: What Would You Do If You Had A Daughter Like Mine?

What would you do if you had a daughter like mine?

I have a 17-year-old daughter who started stealing when she was in primary school. She could steal even snacks from classmates. I would be called to school day after day to handle one case after another.

Apart from stealing, she was also very stubborn. She would cause trouble between and amongst other pupils by spreading false and malicious stories, causing them to knock heads.

This bad behavior continued when she went to high school. One day, she stole a phone and was taken to a police station where she was beaten and made to spend one night in cell. She changed for a week but went back to her bad behavior. When I try to correct her, she would say that I treat her as a step child and that I hate her. None of her siblings behave like this.

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Sometimes, she would borrow money from people using my name, then I will be forced to pay. Yesterday, she tried to commit suicide and decided to move out afterwards. She is just 17. Right now, I don’t know where she is. She has already quit school. This child has brought a lot of problems to me with my neighbors and everyone else. She has brought shame to our family and now she has moved out.

If you were faced with my situation, what would you do?


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“Dear MIMsters: What Would You Do If You Had A Daughter Like Mine?”
  • There is more to her behaviour than meet the eyes. I will suggest you take her for deliverance. My people will say “you don’t kill a bad child” rather look for her and bring her home. Ask her exactly what she need that is making her act like that and if she can’t give you any useful answer then be rest assured she is possess. After her deliverance, check her into a rehab.

  • I don’t think this kid got enough love and attention while she was little. Girls needs lots of attention and when they ain’t getting it, they revolt in various ways. Try and give her all the attention and listening ears that she needs, make her your best pal and see how things will change.

  • Hmmmmm I am so speechless oh. U need to find her first oh because more harm is done to her then take her for deliverance please.

  • Well u should no that they want 2 render her useless and @ the end of the she will commit suicide. U beta take drastic action on it

  • Hmmm!!! You allowed all these to continue for 17 yrs?If she didn’t run away you wouldn’t have looked for help.I just hope it’s not too late.When u find her pls sit her down and assure her of your love.Then seek both spiritual and medical help for her.Don’t leave her to roam like that

  • My dear,,,u need 2 do a spiritual exercise for ur dauta,,,speak 2 a trusted man of God,he ll give u bible passages to fast n pray wiv,,,the holy spirit ll soften er spirit ijn n every evil voice dat is speaking to ur dauta ll be quiet IJN.its well.

  • Pray and fast for her. Take her to your pastor for prayers and counseling as well. Most of those bad habits have spiritual root.

  • oh! Very sorry about that. She must be possessed for doing all these. Have u tried taking her for deliverance? If not , pls do quickly. Dont forget d power of prayer.

  • madam you allowed this to go on for too long, look for her and show are you care about her, pray with her and pray for her, she could probably be the best of your children but devil is trying to make her miss her step, you as her mum, think of where you have gone wrong with her, is there any one in d family who behave same, if no, then u really need to buckle up and prayerfully pray out yr child from the hands of wicked people and most importantly show her love and make her notice u really care about her.This character can also occur if she is not getting ur attention (rebelious nature of some kids) and so she keeps doing all this because you dont get it.l jst hope and pray u still can bring her back home.

  • Fined her and take her away from that environment which i blive has a part to play and show love and attention to her at this point.lastly commit her into Gods hand

  • More so, ensure you provide her basic needs. I bet she too doesn’t like the habit, so show her love and care. Give her a Bible verse she can use to resist the devil when face with the temptation of stealing. It’s well.

  • i dont think this is ordinary,even kids given all the proper attention they need still steals if they want to. U really need to devote ur time to God,try anyhow u can,physically, emotionally,socially and spiritually

  • You need to get to the foundation, as at when she started, what prompted it? How do u handle each incident? Pray about it then u call her and have a heart to heart talk with her. Then trust God to heal her.

  • It must be hard for you as a mother and i believe you have been trying….. Hang in there mother. Seek God’s intervention. I pray she returns home. Like the prodigal son, may she return home and seek your frgiveness. May you also forgive her and love her. Peace.

  • Is only God that we help we parent on how to handle our teenager, once they get to maturity stage, peer pressure will take over

  • But first look for her, go to her friend place, talk with her calmly, one thing with we parent is dt we like shouting and complaining over little tins

  • But how has her foundation been, growing up, look for her she is your daughter, give her pocket money or else a man outside will do it, God will deliver her

  • I believe she needs lots of love and deliverance cos probably u didn’t show her much love while growing up. I pray u find her in good health and safety. It is well

  • As parent we have a lot of work to do, thus the situation in the country makes it difficult for us to really monitor our children, consistence will go a long way to help, God on our side we will all succeed

  • I pray you see her. She needs a lot of love, time and attention. Sit her down and have a heart to heart talk with her. Find out if she was sexually abused by someone really close to her. Her problems could be psychological. She also needs to be delivered. Hand over to God.

  • Ohhh,devil is a liar.
    Pls mum wat is happening to ur daughter is not ordinary.pls take her to a strong nd real man of God for deliverance.

  • If i wr u i wil sit her down n tl her wat d truth is about stealin n d danger in it, n if she didn’t tk 2 my advice i no she wil learnt her lesson

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