New Mum? See Tips on Getting Your Baby to Sleep

Are you a new mum or just welcomed your cute bundle of joy into your family? Do you find yourself adjusting to the new demands of being a mum as well as trying to catch as much sleep as possible? Are you having problems getting your baby to sleep when you want him to, so that you can use that little time for yourself and get one or two things done? Here are some useful tips that can help:


Make sure your baby is well fed before laying him down to sleep for the night. It’s recommended to feed your baby with breast milk or a warm bottle of milk at night.

DON’T overfeed or lay him down without a burp.

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Do ensure that your baby is clean and dry before laying him down for the night. It is advisable to change baby’s diapers every four to six hours. This keeps him comfortable while sleeping.

DON’T allow your baby to sleep in damp clothing and in a crib full of stuffs.


Do ensure that the temperature of baby’s room is rather cool than warm. The basic guideline is that a baby can sleep safely in a room that is comfortable for a lightly clothed adult.

DON’T place hard, sharp objects, or stuffed toys in your baby’s crib.


Do use proper sleepwear for babies. Baby sleep wear should be fire-retardant, preferably cotton. Avoid overdressing a baby. A light undershirt and sleeper are sufficient for most babies.

DON’T place your baby to sleep in any garment with loose strings, loose threads, like nightgowns or robes. Parents who co-sleep should also remove strings from their garments. This can wrap around a baby’s neck or finger and cause injury. Avoid buttons on clothing as these can present a choking hazard.


Do create a sleep routine for your baby. You’ll be amazed at how fast your baby will adapt to this routine. Set out an appropriate time for your baby to observe his siesta. Then make bed time between 7 – 8 p.m. You can help your baby distinguish between night and day when he is about two weeks old. Do so by playing with him when he is awake in the day.

Also create daily bedtime routines such as bathing, feeding, reading, etc.

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DON’T allow your baby to sleep most of the time during the day, as this will upset his night routine, keeping him awake for the most part of the night. Avoid playing with your baby at night when it is almost time for bed.

It is generally believed that when babies are tired, they easily fall asleep. This notion is true to an extent but not so true because when a baby is extremely tired, his metabolism is so high that it becomes uncomfortable for him to catch some sleep. It is harder for an overtired baby to settle to sleep and is also more likely to wake during the night. So, if you notice the signs of tiredness with your baby, give the baby a warm bath and put him to bed earlier than usual. It can take as long as half an hour to wind down after a particular hectic day.


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