Young Woman, Zainab, Chronicles How Her Affair With a Married Man Ended Badly

A Nigerian woman simply identified as Zainab, chronicles her affair with man she didn’t know was married until she had been groomed to become dependent on him for her welfare.

Calling married men ”Demons”, the single mom, pictured above, said she misplaced her priority when she was 21, after she lost her father.

Read her pathetic story below…

”I misplaced my priority when I was 21? I was 17 when I lost my dad and was preparing to write my SSCE then, am the 1st born will be 28 by next month. My mum was into petty trading and there was no way she could help continue with my education.

After my SSCE I tried to further more but all effort to no avail. I gained admission into 3 different institutions different year but could not go due to funds. That how I began a wayward life just to help my little brother and my mum survive?? I did this for some years before my mum prayers called me back home.

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In 2011 I met a guy, he claimed he was a single father. He asked me out and I answered him that how he started carrying my responsibilities, I enrolled into another institution in Lagos where I had my OND, and 1 year after, left for HND. This guy paid my fees and all.

Little did I know he was a married man. The month I found out he was married, I couldn’t let go because the fear of who will continue paying my school fees, who will give us feeding money at home, who will do this who will do that. So I continued and accepted the fate of being the second wife because he said he wanted to marry me.

I felt thank God poverty has finished in my life, but guess what I didn’t know I just started one thing called original poverty. When I got pregnant for him he was good at 1st but just after my pregnancy was 5 months, he started showing me who he truly is.

He left me all to myself, to the extend that I spent all the money I ever saved from him on buying hospital things, scan, etc. I pass due date with a month and I almost died with the pregnancy but glory to God and my mum, she was strong for me.

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I couldn’t pay the balance of hospital bills because I was totally out of cash that I even got arrested by the doctor, couldn’t feed when I left the hospital, in a day me and my mum will share AKAMU of #50 to drink, after a week of getting home no kerosene in the stove, we bath a 1 week Baby with cold water, feeding became worse for us back to square one.

That how I became an online begger, I had no shame of begging for things online, from money to feed, to baby clothes, baby shoe, beg for whole lot online. I couldn’t afford to even buy pant for myself. I suffered to de extend that 1k is like 1M to me.

I then start job hunt which I got one with a microfinance bank the pay was 38,000 per month. The salary was not enough but I was struggling to survive since half bread they say is better than non. There was a time my son ran out of food, I borrowed a customer’s 9,000 to buy my son’s food, diaper and co pending the time I got paid.

My people do you know I got arrested, slept in cell and was also charged to court for 9,000. Have been physically drained by the court issue , it got to a stage I started acting as if I was already running mad. I thank God today that the case is on settlement at the court, that how I also lost the bank job too another hunting started.

Got an invite for another interview when I had accident but am healing by the day. And I give God the glory for all he has done and I know good things re in Stock for me from God.

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My dear sister married men re demons, they come as a helper but they are not, I face life time trauma and stil facing it and I know I will be out of it by the grace of God one day.

NB: The phobia I have for married men now ehn no be here.”

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  • You hear some people’s story ehn and you be like in this same life that we are living in? Sorry dear poster for all the troubles.

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