7 Wonderful Things Your Baby In Your Womb Is Doing

Ireyimika Oyegbami

The baby in your womb does not just stay inert while you have to cope with your pregnancy hormones and the changes in your body. While you are busy experiencing heartburn, fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, leg cramps and other annoying symptoms due to the wonderful state of pregnancy, your baby might be busy doing any of the following;

• Breathing
Although the umbilical cord provides all the oxygen your growing baby needs, nonetheless, she begins to practice breathing right there in your womb from when she is just nine weeks old.

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• Shining her eyes
From about 15 weeks your baby begins to react to light. You may notice this if you shine a bright light on your tummy as your baby may try to move away from the source of the bright light. Bright light may filter in through your abdomen although it is not likely to cause any harm to your baby. She begins to practise opening her eyes from 28 weeks, not that there is much to see in mummy’s uterus though.

• Peeing in your womb
While you are taking increased trips to the bathroom your growing baby from the end of the first trimester also begins to produce urine. She swallows amniotic fluid which she digests and then passes it back into your uterus through urinating only for her to repeat the process. This is important for baby’s swallowing reflex and also shows that the liver is working well.

• Crying
Do not be alarmed that your developing baby might be crying in the womb, it is mere practise. Remember that crying is a major communication tool for your little one, so what better time to practise her communication skills if not right from the womb.

• Hiccupping
Some mothers actually feel their developing baby hiccup almost on a daily basis when they are in their second trimester while some mothers never feel their babies hiccup. However, babies may begin to hiccup right from the first trimester.

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• Having a taste of your food
The flavours from certain foods can be detected in your amniotic fluid, it therefore follows that your developing baby who swallows amniotic food is having a taste of your sumptuous lunch. Foods rich in ginger, garlic and sweet foods alter the flavour of the amniotic fluid. Researchers say babies begin to show a preference for sweet foods by swallowing more amniotic fluid from 15 weeks; they take less when the fluid is not as sweet.

• Getting to know mummy
If you are one mummy who sings to your baby while she is in the womb be rest assured that she is listening and does recognise your voice. From 30 weeks, babies begin to bond with their mothers by actively listening to their voice and are able to recognise mummy’s voice as soon as they are born. So during the last 10 weeks of your pregnancy go about your daily activities while chatting happily with your developing baby. She is all ears.

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