Love Making During Pregnancy: 5 Comfy Positions to Try

Omon Imoisili

While some women have insatiable appetite for love making during pregnancy, others are not too keen as they’re overwhelmed by the discomforts and changes in their bodies. Except not approved by your doctor on health grounds, don’t let your sex life go down the drain during pregnancy.

Have fun all the way as it fosters the bond between you and your spouse. Truth is, you have to be experimental and very creative to find the positions that suit you and makes you most comfortable. However, here are some fun and comfortable options to consider:

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1. Overlap or Straddle your partner (Woman on top) Sit on your partner as he lies on his back with each leg on either side of him. This position allows him ample opportunity to admire your beautiful round belly, adds no additional weight to your abdomen and puts you in control – you can control the depth of penetration and the pace of the sex (fast or slow). This position allows for more clitoris stimulation which heightens pleasure.

2. Standing. This style can be done anywhere, away from people’s view of course. Using this position, your tummy will have no need to bear extra weight and you can have sex in the shower, leaning against a wall or door, whichever suits you as your partner enters from behind. It’s all about creativity. This position doesn’t give room for deep penetration, slows down pace and great for all three trimesters.

3. Sitting This is an alternative position to straddling your partner on the bed. Let your partner sit on a solid chair without arm rests. Sit on his laps with each of your legs on either side of him, either facing or backing him. This position doesn’t not put unwarranted weight on your tummy and it’s quite comfortable. Alternatively, use the edge of the bed instead of a chair. Using his hands, your partner can also support you as he raises and lowers you intto himself.

4. Spooning: Another fun position which does not only give the opportunity for cuddling but also for shallow penetration. This position has both you and your partner lying on your sides with your back facing him in a ‘C’ form as he enters you from behind. While this position prevents weight from resting on the pelvis and abdomen, it creates opportunity for your partner to fondle with your breasts.

5. Doggie Style It requires you to go down on your knees while you rest your hand on the bed for support. Your partner who is either standing or kneeling as well, enters you from behind. This position permits deep penetration, though very gratifying to both you and your partner, be sure to let him know when he goes too deep. You can also support your stomach and chest with pillows for more comfort.

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Get creative and find more position that work for you and your partner and is safe. Remember, medical experts say sex during pregnancy releases the hormone – oxytocin, which brings about relaxation, trust and psychological stability. All these are definitely good for you and the baby. This hormone also causes a decrease in maternal stress. So, with the permission of your doctor and as you thrive in good health, let go of all restraints and have fun with your spouse. Create memories. With so much going on already, he may just have one less thing to complain or worry about.

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