Dear MIMsters: How Do I Force Him To Make Things Right With Us?

How do I force my husband?
I have been married to my husband for 2 years now and we have a baby girl. I’m pregnant and almost due for delivery. My family and friends think I have the best marriage ever but that is not the case. Yes, I do spend and can buy what ever I want, for myself, family and friends, but deep inside, I am not happy.
My marriage is boring. My husband only comes home at night at 11 p.m., sometimes 12 midnight. When he returns home, all he does is eat and go to bed and first thing in the morning, he is off again. The only time he eats at home is dinner. We never ever get to hang out as a family. Our first baby is  one year, 3 months old but she has no connection with her father because he doesn’t spend any time with her.
Our sex life is dead because he doesn’t make out time to spend with me. I understand he is a busy business man but I lack love and attention. I have spoken to him, yet no changes. He says he is always busy at work.
On children’s day which was a weekend, I went to his shop with our baby, so we could spend sometime with him. He didn’t even say a welcome to us. He just went inside the shop and left us. I had to call him to give me a sit. I sat down for over an hour and he didn’t come out. Then, I sent him a text to ask if he won’t come out and he said he didn’t ask me to come, that he is feeling sleepy.
So I took my bag and my baby and left. I’m going to shut him out. I won’t force him to be in our life. Even if I wanted to, how do you make or force a man to be involved and spend time with this family?
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“Dear MIMsters: How Do I Force Him To Make Things Right With Us?”
  • Is unfortunate that there are lot of men who don’t know what it means and take to marry; having a wife. Same to some women, too. To these men, the shallowest part is, they believe all that is needed is, impregnate their wives, give them money for food, and when they feel to have sex, turn her to your side, that is all. Other things in the marriage is a waste of time and energy.
    Many things could be the reason why your husband behaves the way he does. It could be he is having an affair outside, one mostly done in his business place. Two, he may have had rough up bringing(he has no good example). Three, it could be that is his person. Lastly, a mere act of wickedness from him.
    So what do you do, be nice to him. During dinner jokely ask him some few questions patterning to this issue. Don’t interrupt when his speaking; when is done, pour your heart. Lastly keep praying for him. You’ll win

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