Dear MIMsters: My Husband Calls Another Woman “My son’s mother”

I want to know if I am over thinking this and what this woman who my husband refers to as, “my son’s mother” want from him.

I am 34 years old with 2 kids and with one on the way. There is this woman who is in her forties thereabout that is close to my hubby. They are church friends but she sends him WhatsApp messages everyday.

Last year, I heard the are both seen regularly together but I didn’t really pay any attention to it. I don’t usually check my hubby’s phone but whenever my spirit pushes me to, I check. I saw their conversations was mostly about her husband in she complains about him.

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She also ask my husband questions like, “are you home yet,” “have you eaten” etc. I called my hubby to order, telling him that I don’t like this kind of friendship and also pointed out that fact that people have started talking about seeing them together frequently and that I don’t want any scandal.

When it was my hubby’s birthday two years ago, I was low on funds, so I couldn’t bake him a cake as I usually do every year. The next day, my hubby brought a cake home, telling me that since he didn’t have a cake for his birthday, she decided to personally bake one for him.

She also started becoming too friendly with my younger son, buying him gifts and all. Meanwhile, I didn’t pay much attention to this as I felt unconcerned.

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Some days ago, it was my hubby’s birthday again, so I baked him a cake and bought him a gift. This morning, I saw him wearing a new shirt. I asked him if he bought a new shirt and he said, yes. As I wasn’t convinced with his answer, later, I asked him if it was a birthday gift and he was reluctant to answer. After  persuading him to, he admitted, telling me that it was from, “my son’s mother”. That is how he usually calls her. My question is, is it right to buy a gift like that  for someone else’s husband? Isn’t it in order for her to tell me first, at least let me know about it. How did she even guess his exact size?

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“Dear MIMsters: My Husband Calls Another Woman “My son’s mother””
  • Well my dear poster you have done well been observant and I really appreciate the fact that you are super patient. However you and your hubby need to sit down and talk concerning this issue cos some can easily get the size of people’s shirt mere looking at them but your hubby lying about it….For the fact that he did not even show u immediately he was gifted made it an issue…They might actually be friends with no strings attached but you need to trash it out,its not okay you feel insecure in your marriage plus couples are supposed to be friends, they can have other friends but it shouldn’t threaten their home,but pls do all discussion calmly to avoid issues plus do it when his in a super good mood and you are sure you are also happy so that you can choose your words rightly.Thanks

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