5 Energy Boosting Tips For The Exhausted Mum

Are you always feeling tired? Motherhood is not an easy job and there are chances that you will be too exhausted to move a finger during crucial times. However, if you use some of the top energy boosters listed below you are sure to get a fresh wave of energy.

1. Drink Up. 

Surprise — the most common reason people feel tired is because they’re dehydrated. Why? The less water there is in your system, the less oxygen is circulating in your bloodstream. The cure: Drink eight glasses of water throughout the day — or chug a glass of the refreshing stuff whenever your energy lags.

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2. Keep Exercising

While you may think that going to the gym is the last thing you want to do right but you cannot deny the fact that exercise does give you a fresh spurt of energy. Exercising will not only inject strength in your weakened muscles it will also generate positive hormone circulation in your body. As a result you will be much better equipped to deal with the challenges of motherhood.

3. Take a power nap.

A twenty-minute nap may not make up for the hours of sleep you’re missing at night, but clocking short bouts of shut-eye can help you rest your eyes and recharge your brain. Better yet, enlist visitors to watch the baby while you take a more involved nap. They’ll delight in the babysitting opportunity.

4. Choose Your Snacks Wisely

It is a commonly known fact that carbohydrates give you an instant burst of energy. However, if you snack on a chocolate bar everyday it is not going to help you become healthy. Choose healthy muesli, fresh fruit etc to snack on. These are complex carbohydrates which give the body an instant energy boost.

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5. Eat smart.

Pace your protein for maximum energy: Eat a protein-and-carb-combo breakfast (say, a hard-boiled egg and whole wheat toast) to get you going, snack on protein (cheese, yogurt, a fruit and yogurt smoothie) during the day for a boost, then eat a few extra carbs at dinner to wind you down. Easy, one-handed foods: Wrap up veggies and hummus, or grilled chicken and salad greens, in a whole wheat pita. Still too much to pull off? Grab protein bars or a healthy, balanced frozen dinner, if that’s the best you can manage.

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