Dear MIMsters: Update On My Husband’s Sleazy Staff

This is an update to me previous post. Please read previous post here… Dear MIMsters: Why My Husband Confessed to Me About His Sleazy Staff

This woman (now a former staff) who tried to seduce my husband called him today. She told him that she’s just checking on him and wants to hear his voice. My husband put the phone on speaker. I thought she was calling to tender an apology for her bad behaviour. I didn’t expect her to call again after telling her to desist from seducing married men, mine including.

I called her back but she ended the call immediately when she heard my voice. My husband did not want to pick her call but I told him to do it just to hear what she wants to say.

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What do you think I should do because I’m angry right now. I didn’t disgrace her the first time but spoke to her like I would talk to my younger sister. Right then, I felt like giving her a piece of my mind but didn’t want to go to her house, so I sent her a message asking her why she is still calling my husband.

She lied that she called him to ask for her salary. It is a lie because she has been paid. She also didn’t know that my husband phone was on speaker and I heard when she told him that she was calling just to check up on him and to hear his voice. She has refused to pick my call and my husband’s call thereafter.

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