Ubi Franklin Reveals How Depression Pushed Him to the Brink of Suicide After His Son’s Birth

Tripple MG boss, Ubi Franklin has revealed that he suffered from depression shortly after his son with actress, Lilian Esoro was born and it almost ended his life.

The cause of the depression suffered by the father of two could be connected to the fact that his estranged wife, Lilian Esoro, flew the baby out of the country shortly after he was born in 2016. That happened in the heat of their marriage crisis.

While we are not certain if those incidence were linked to the depression the Ubi suffered, he shared a video of his son, Jayden, dancing and thanked God for preserving his life to watch his son grow and enjoy beautiful moments with him.

He used the opportunity to advise others suffering from depression to hang in there and hope for a better tomorrow.

”When I see you ❤ I Thank God that he Preserved my life to enjoy the moments with you, you are all I wished for and more and nothing will ever make me love you less.

Depression nearly took me away from just after you were born. Listen to this who ever is going through a hard time out there “God is working on you” I know things might be hard now, yes I know but it will be over soon and if I can make out you can too.

Your tomorrow is better Than today. ????❤???????? Jayden turning up already in school ???????? Just love him.”

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Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Ibironke Thomas, called for more awareness, continuous education, early detection and treatment to reduce the burden of depression in Nigeria.

Dr. Thomas, who works at the Synapse Services Centre for Psychological Medicine, Lagos, made the call in an interview with the Newsmen on Friday in Lagos.

According to her, mental disorders, including depression, are still not regarded as serious health problems in the country.

“Depression is a medical illness contributed to by an interplay of both biological factors, that is, genetic predisposition, hormones and neurotransmitters and environmental factors such as adverse life events.

“Due to lack of awareness, many people do not know that they or someone they know have depression and try to cope with it sometimes for years without the necessary help.

“Although, knowledge of existence of mental health problems is improving with education, information dissemination through the media and NGOs, the level of this awareness is still quite low. In general, psychological illnesses are not regarded as `serious’ problems.

“There is also a lot of stigma and discrimination attached to people who have psychological disorders. People usually seek help when symptoms become severe, incapacitating or embarrassing,” she said.

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The consultant psychiatrist also urged the governments and relevant stakeholders to put more attention and resources, including trained staff, into developing and equipping the Primary Health Care (PHC) system.

She said that most of the detection and initial management of depressive disorders need to be at the primary healthcare centres in the rural and semi-urban communities.

Meanwhile, to help people battling depression in Nigeria, singer Banky W has shared ‘suicide’ hotlines, in case they need someone to talk to.

According to him, ‘If you’re battling depression in Nigeria, and need someone to talk to, please try these numbers’.



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