#OperationFindTaju Successful as Well Meaning Nigerians Track Down Smart Little Boy to Help Him Get a Proper Education

Smart 5-year-old Taju whose video went viral yesterday has been found. The campaign to find the little boy with the aim of offering him an opportunity to proper education was inspired by the king of comeday, Alibaba, and supported by other celebrities like AY Makun, Don Jazzy, Falz, Adeniyi Johnson, and Mo Abudu.

The video which shows the uneducated little boy confidently attempted answering questions thrown at him by an adult, moved the celebrities who have now offered to help send him to school.

The video was first shared by Alibaba who wrote;

”This my dear friends, is where the problems of our education starts from. This baby, exuding such confidence and great spirit… and visible sense of humour has no education.

You can see that he wants to learn with that question. “KINI OO SO?” What should my response be? And this is what happens when children who can not read and write, get pushed to school at age 6.

They then get into the hands of teachers like the person who was recording the video. Who, instead of teaching the child what to say, calls him Oloribu. The child hears that, then realises he should have said something else, and asks what he should have said.

Trust me, at this age, the currency of education should be engraved in that little boy, and that my dear friends, is what then makes him hungry for knowledge. Help me find this boy. And he will amaze you in 1 year.#OperationFindTaju.”

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Then later by actress, Funmi Iwalewa. AY comedian later shared the video and wrote:

”@funmiawelewa if you get Taju’s details pls share with me. Lets send him to school to let our interviewer in the video know that the smart kid is willing to learn.”

Later AY revealed that Don Jazzy has offered to help the little boy.

”Don Jazzy just reached out to me with 500k waiting for little Taju to go to school. We are still waiting to get proper information concerning meeting with him and his parents in Ibadan.

Many thanks to @sotayogaga @funmiawelewa @adeniyijohnson who shared the video to our notice. I am so sure with the involvement of @moabudu @falzthebahdguy @iamsmade @_kehindebankole @iambimbothomas and other well meaning Nigerians we shall make this happen to many other Tajus out there. God bless you all. #tajugoestoschool,” he wrote.

Upon finding little Taju, Funmi shared:

”After so much stress and trials, we finally found him. Thanks to@elamefa @bolarinwaolamide @tolaolajiire#Taju. Thanks to everyone that wants the best for Taju.
@aycomedian @adeniyijohnson @donjazzy@jagabanyoutube @Alibabagcfr@chelseacurrency @falzthebahdguy@moabudu @iambimbothomas and many more. Thanks!

From the left; Taju’s Dad, Taju’s Mom elder sis, Funmiawelewa, Elamefa, Tola Olajiire, Taju’s Granma and Bolarinwa Olamide.”

The moment I set my eyes on my new baby❤ #tajugoestoschool #taju

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“#OperationFindTaju Successful as Well Meaning Nigerians Track Down Smart Little Boy to Help Him Get a Proper Education”

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