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Dear MIMsters: I Have Been Bitten Twice By My Husband. How Do I Go Ahead?

I got married 5 years ago and we are blessed with a child. How do I go ahead seeing that my husband has bitten me twice?

Hubby and I used to live together until work and school separated us. My school is in another town. I suspected my husband, so I began to monitor him. Lo and behold, I visited him and found another woman’s things wrapped and hidden away at the far end of his bed.

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I could not stand it so, I confronted him. He denied it initially but later admitted that he was having an affair. He begged me for forgiveness and promised to change.

This incident occurred almost two years ago.. I must say it has not been easy trusting him again coupled with the distance between us.

About a week ago, I paid him a visit and I found a piece of a used condom in his apartment. I became weak all of sudden. I confronted him again but as usual, he denied it. This time he accused me of bringing the used condom in order to paint him black. I cried helplessly while he just sat down and watched me without a word.

I packed my stuffs and left the town for school. While I was packing, he told me to stay back but I left, and moved my things to school. He called several times but I refused to pick up.

On the following day, one of his friends called me to apologize to me on my hubby’s behalf and promised that it would not happen again.

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About a week later, I picked his call because I had questions to ask him about the whole thing. While questioning him, I realized that he was with the same woman that he had the affair with about two years ago. He tried to deny it but I proved it to him she is still that person.

He also revealed the mistress visits him during weekdays since she is also working in the same town where he lives, while I only get to visit him on weekends because I am in school. He has apologized as usual. But right now, I am confused on how to go ahead. He claims he has now ended the relationship with the woman person. I feel so disappointed and devastated as I write this. I need advice on how to go ahead.

1 Discussion on “Dear MIMsters: I Have Been Bitten Twice By My Husband. How Do I Go Ahead?”
  • What stops you from visiting him regularly? Don’t you have holidays in school? Go and establish yourself in your husband’s house. Stop allowing him live as a bachelor. Your husband is married and available . THIS OTHER WOMAN WILL TAKE YOUR HUSBAND FROM YOU. She is the one playing the role of a wife and you are the girlfriend.
    Forgive and forget about what has happened.
    I am also a student and I don’t leave room for any other WOMAN to take over my home. During this holiday spend the whole time with him and register your child in a school there. Leave your child with him and promise to be coming home every weekend. Don’t spend more than 2 weeks away without coming home. When you are home you cook and store food that will last 2 weeks for him.

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