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Abandoned By His Dad at the Age of 5, Kamohelo Mokoena’s Emotional Story Will Inspire Fathers to Become More Responsible

What happened to a South African deadbeat dad twenty years after abandoning his son, Kamohelo Mokoena and his mother when his son was barely 5 years old, will hopefully teach fathers to become more responsible.

Despite being abandoned by his father, Kanohelo made something good out of his life by graduating to become  a lawyer.

20 years later, his father found himself in a criminal case and charged to court. He needed a lawyer to represent him in court. He unknowingly approached the son he abandoned to represent him as his lawyer in court.

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Mokoena took to his Twitter handle to narrate what transpired between him and his deadbeat father 20 years after.

Read the rest of the story below…

“My father left me when I was 5 years old with nothing at all. 20 years later, he appeared as an accused at Palm Ridge court. He approached a young attorney for legal representation and realized it’s his son he left.

God works in mysterious ways. I accepted his mandate and represented him. I fought through and through. He was found not guilty at the end. I was conflicted emotionally but I composed myself and proceeded with the matter. He couldn’t stop thanking me. He gave me a huge hug and said he is proud of me. Mxm.

I pray my story inspires fathers out there to be more responsible. ????.”

His tweet also got some reactions with many praising him for putting whatever it is between him and his father behind him while representing him in court.

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