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Dear MIMsters: Are These Reasons Tenable Enough for a Breakup?

Are my reasons tenable enough to breakup this relationship so I can give someone else a chance?

I made money quite early after graduating from the University. I started making a lot of money when I was serving as a corper. I was lucky and hardworking. Was in the right place at the right time and with hardwork and God, I made a lot of money and I’m only 27 years old.

Maybe this is why all of a sudden, guys are pulling me here and there for a relationship or marriage. I try not to get distracted but at my age, I also would like to settle down in a steady relationship and then marriage.

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I have always been a decent girl who has been focused more on becoming something than becoming a wife or a girlfriend but now, I would like to settle down. Even though there are number of guys who have registered their interest in having a relationship with me, I have chosen not to double date.

I rented a three bedroom apartment in which I live with my mum and my siblings and I can’t have different guys coming in one after the other.

There is this guy that I have been seeing for about less than a year now who claims to love me very much and we have not been intimate. He calls me all the time on the phone and says sweet nothings to me. I like him a lot but not sure if we should take our relationship to the next level due to the following reasons:

1. He has asked me for money for transport to go back home the two times he has been to my house to visit me, even though he is working.
2. My mother doesn’t like him.
3. Whenever he buys me call credit, which he rarely does, he will ensure that I use up all the credit calling him. For example, he will call me and tell me that, “I have bought you credit, now call me back.” And he will keep the conversation going until I nearly exhaust the credit.

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4. He has ringworms or eczema on his face which he doesn’t take care of. This tells me he’s slack concerning personal hygiene and self care.
5. Even though he appears like a decent young man, he sends me rude and obscene jokes.
6. He still lives with his older sister who is married and works in her company as a manager.
7. When I told him of my plans to start a post graduate program, he wasn’t keen on it and tried to dismiss it.

Are these reasons tenable enough to end this relationship so that I can give someone else a chance?

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“Dear MIMsters: Are These Reasons Tenable Enough for a Breakup?”
  • Yes, I belive very good reasons for you to terminate your relationship. What people go through in marriage at times they catch a glimpse of it pre marriage. A guy that is not interested in what interests you will most likely not allow you fly. I think you should keep yours eyes wide open and don’t allow love close them. My opinion.

  • Your gut feeling is telling you to run as fast as your feet can carry you. Pls don’t hesitate.. . You are dealing with an opportunist.. A better person will come along sooner than you expected.. Congratulations dear.

  • To me, deep down in your heart you don’t love the guy, you merely like him, and it will be dangerous to spend the reast of your life with somebody you don’t love. I will advice you to prayerfully break up with the guy and seek Gods face for the best man for yourself.

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