Mom-of-4, Rita Edochie’s Post on Why All Men Must Respect Women and Motherhood Will Make You Nod in Agreement

Sharing a photo of a woman’s belly fat and stretch mark which symbolizes motherhood on Instagram, veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie explains why all men must respect women and motherhood.

Edochie who says the scars and stretch marks on women’s stomach symbolizes the pain, love, and life that comes with motherhood and she advised men not to put their wives through any further pain.

Edochie, who is also a mom and grandma said each time she looks at her mom’s tommy, she smiles and says to herself, “that was my duplex for 9 months.”

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Her post reads:

”RESPECT MOTHERHOOD, RESPECT WOMEN. The scars and stretch marks on your wife’s stomach, symbolizes the pain that comes with motherhood, it symbolizes love and life. Remember how beautiful she was when she was your newly wedded wife, she is still the same woman you fell in love with!

The difference now is, she has given you children, she has given you life, she has blessed you with a family. Don’t ignore your woman.

Husband? Don’t make her go through anymore pains, please don’t hit her, don’t nag, don’t insult her. Each time I see my moms tummy, I smile and say to myself. That was my duplex for 9months.”

Edochie became a grandmother in 2017, after her daughter Sheila welcomed a baby girl. Rita Edochie made headlines in 2016, after she disclosed that she was unaware that she was pregnant when she was in primary six (read here).

Edochie said in the interview that contrary to a story that she did not tell her mother about the pregnancy, she was not even aware of her situation.

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“Though boy used diabolic means and sexually abused me; I was not aware, I could not tell exactly how it happened. I was not aware that I was pregnant then; I was so tiny.

“We were playing games in the school; the type that the instructor or referee will say `number one’ and pupils with number 1 would run and collect something.

“It was during the game that a fellow pupil insulted me that my tummy was like a breadfruit; I was angered and beat her up,” she said.

She explained further that the lesson teacher then asked them to go home and bring their parents. The actress said that she was a young innocent girl who could not tell lies to the mother or against the mother.

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“When I got home, I told my mother what led to the fight; she then asked me to raise up my dress; I did and after examination, she said that I was pregnant.

“When she said, ‘do you know that you are pregnant,’ I fainted; any other story aside this is not true,’’ Edochie said.

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