Dear MIMsters: What I Discovered About My Brother and My Mum is In Support Is Shocking

What I discovered about my brother has shocked me to my bones. But what is more shocking is that my mum knows and she is in support.

My mother treats my brother’s wife like shit and I don’t get it.

I hear stories about how mothers-in-law treat their daughters-in-law badly but I have always said my own mother would not do that to any woman married to any of her sons. My mom is the kindest mother I have ever known. She treats us so well and she makes great sacrifices for us. My mom that I grew up to know could not hurt a fly so I am shocked to see how she treats my brother’s wife.

This is the gist.

My brother got his girlfriend pregnant and the girl’s family insisted he must marry her.

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My brother was in his final year at the University while his girlfriend was in 200 levels when they became preggy.

Wedding was sharply arranged and since both of them did not have a job, they moved into my mother’s house. My dad has other wives so he does not live with us. My mom has her own house and she is very comfortable financially. Shesells in high quality lace materials.

When my brother graduated, he went for NYSC and upon his return, my mom sent him to the UK for his masters.

My brother’s girlfriend turned wife had their baby but the child did not survive.

She has graduated, gone through NYSC and I know my mother can afford to sponsor her for her Masters like she did for my brother but she wouldn’t hear of it.

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My mom says since sex was her focus when she was supposed to be studying in school, she would not waste her hard earned money on her.

Now, she has turned the poor girl into her sales girl, her cook, her washerwoman, her PA… just name it!

My brother on the other hand is enjoying himself in the UK. He is through with his Masters and he and my mom are scheming on how he would stay back in the UK.

When I asked my mom what would happen to his wife, Funke. She told me to mind my business. I called my brother and asked him what he thought he was doing by abandoning his wife here. He told me he wasn’t the one who asked her for marriage; that her parents pressured him into it.

Do you know what I just found out?!

My brother is now engaged to a white girl in the UK and they are planning their wedding for this summer. My mom is planning to attend, too. I found out that he has even been intimate with the white girl.

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Funke is a really good girl and my heart is heavy on her behalf but I feel like I would be betraying my family if I told Funke about my discovery but at the same time, this guilt will not let me rest knowing that I am a woman like her, and I would never want to be treated this way. I am confused. What should I do?

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