How A Man Chose To Celebrate His Supportive Wife Proves “For Better For Worse” Is Not a Myth

For some weeks now on Social Media, we have been inspired by stories of supportive women who have surprised their husbands by doing extraordinary things for them; things they were not expecting.

Today, we have a story of a Nigerian man who decided to surprise his wife in a grand way for standing by him through thick and thin.

The young man who is identified as James Obie Osolu surprised his loving wife with an expensive gift worth over N13 million.

Osolu shared photos of the captivating moment with his friends on his Facebook page.

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He thanked her for believing in and standing by him even when he had nothing to offer her.

Read below:

“She dated me & held on tight even when I didn’t have my own place to stay… She took a Keke to & frm work most times when I couldn’t drop her off but never complained for once, till we could finally upgrade to Uber…

Now God has blessed us some more through Max & it’s my duty to bless & Honour her
Thanks for always believing in & standing by me Kuku.. This is for you & Daisy, my Queens
Those smiles, I live for them.. #Blessed #Startedfromadream #Higfavoured.”

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That is a REAL MAN acknowledging the 1000 yards wife material he is blessed with.

Congratulations, Mrs. James Obie Osolu!

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