See What Desperate Mom-In-Waiting Did Just to Have a Baby to Call Her Own

One of the joys of virtually every married woman is to have children to call her own; it is a most desirable feeling. It gives untold gladness to the heart to have little feet playfully run all around a home. More so, the elders will most times pray for young married women thus: “May your home always be untidy.” It is believed that a home with children would always have objects (toys) thrown all around. Children bring joy and fulfillment to marriages where they are desired. As such, there is need for love, understanding and support for every couple experiencing delay in conception but such couple must not become desperate enough to do what Bunmi Adebayo did to an innocent baby.

A 26-year-old young woman who was desperate to have a child to call her own has been alleged to have stolen a 3-weeks-old baby to present as her own.

The young woman, identified as Bunmi Adebayo, according to Punch Metro allegedly stole a baby named David Oluwaseun, on Sunday July 1, 2018.

The suspect, who resides in Magboro, Obafemi/Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State was arrested on Saturday at Orile Imo village, in the same local government area by men of the State Police Command.

Upon interrogation, Adebayo confessed that desperation to have a child after 10 years of marriage made her steal a three-week old baby in Modakeke, Osun State.

Parading the suspect before journalists on Tuesday at the State Police Command headquarters, the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, said “the suspect took her desperation too far.”

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It was reported that the suspect had lied to her husband who would visit her abode at intervals that she was pregnant. And after nine months, she broke the news to her husband that she had put to bed a bouncing baby boy.

The husband, Gbenga Adebayo was said to have been elated about the news and he hastily visited his wife to see ‘their’ new born but he became suspicious when he requested for the baby’s placenta which his wife couldn’t provide. Also, he was said to have requested that she breast-fed the baby in his presence which the wife also could not do.

When Bunmi realized that her husband’s curiosity could expose her, she fled from her home and her troubled husband went to the police to report her disappearance.

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The Police search team caught up with her and the stolen baby at Orile Imo last Saturday, where she was arrested and the baby has been rescued.

Photo credit: Punch

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