What a Pregnant Woman’s Resolve To Give Birth Naturally, ‘Like the Hebrew Women’ Cost Her

Over the years, ignorance about the real truth behind the ‘giving birth like an Hebrew woman’ bible story has cost a lot of women avoidable death.

If you will study that story in Exodus Chapter 1 verses 15-21 objectively, you will find out that the Hebrew Midwives came up with that excuse because they feared God and did not want to obey the king who had asked them to kill every male child from birth. It was not because the Hebrew women gave birth in an exceptional way but because the midwives did not want to soil their ‘hands’ with the blood of innocent babies; they came up with: “the Hebrew women give birth once they go into labour even before we get to them.”

A lot of women have ignorantly harmed themselves by blindly attaching unrealistic reality to ‘hands-down’ stories.

If you are one of such women or you are married to one of such women or you know one of such women, please permit me to say to you, “Whether it is through natural method or caesarean section, no child is abnormal and definitely, no one process of birth is superior or inferior to the other.”

A Twitter user identified as Deedeeposh narrates a rather sad birth story surrounding the avoidable death of her 44-year-old- aunt who had had to wait for 19-years before she could conceive and who would have had a set of twins to show for it if she was alive today.

According to Deedeeposh, her aunt had been married for 19 years in which she TTC. Finally, she was blessed with pregnancy and was expecting a set of twins but she made a decision that cost her her life and that of her babies.

Contrary to the advise of her doctor to bring her babies forth through CS for safety reasons, she opted for natural birthing method.

Unfortunately, she had birth complications and died alongside her twin babies.

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Deedeeposh wrote ;

”Sometimes if we Nigerians can just listen to our doctors advice, more lives will be saved. I lost my aunty two days ago to childbirth. Married for 19 years and finally got pregnant with twins at 44 years old.

She wanted to give birth naturally & the doctor said she was too old & advised against it since it was her first time giving birth. She refused CS & died in the process.

The twins died too. I feel so bad for her husband because that man was patient. Can’t imagine how he’s feeling.”

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Some Nigerians who stumbled on the post sympathized with her but most couldn’t help but state how her aunty’s death and that of her babies could have been avoided.

See some of the reactions below:

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