ENCOURAGING! What This Young Boy Achieved Beams A Ray Of Hope On The Educational System Of The Nation

Year in, year out; the educational system of Nigeria has been worrisome what with the high rate of failure in examinations.

When asked, most employers would tell you that one of their challenges in business is their inability to get capable hands to work for them. They insist that unemployment is not the issue but unemployability.

The youths do not seem to think education is important anymore, they are rather eager to make money- they want to get rich quick hence their penetration into many unthinkable ventures while shutting out academics.

Beaming a ray of hope on the Educational System of the nation, one Okorogheye Orisheneye David has given both WAEC and JAMB a ‘run for their marks.’

The 15-year-old Indigene of Delta State who recently graduated from Starfield Private College, Fagba Area of Lagos State has become an exciting topic due to his excellent performance at the recently concluded WAEC and JAMB examinations.

David achieved straight As in all his subjects in WAEC and had 332 out of 400 marks obtainable in JAMB scoring 67 out of 100 in English, 89 out of 100 in Physics, 85 out of 100 in Biology and 91 out of 100 in Chemistry.

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David has yet stretched a ray of hope on The Nigerian Educational System, and we look forward to more students having many more outstanding results in their examinations.


To David! This is Congratulations, from MIM. The sky definitely is your starting point.

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