Chilling Confession of Alao, Suspected Killer Of Ex Ondo State Deputy Governor’s Daughter Is a Wake Up Call To Young Women

Saidu-Shakiru Adeyemi Alao, the alleged lover of late Khadijat Oluboyo, the recently murdered daughter of the former Ondo state deputy governor, Lasisi Oluboyo has revealed shocking details on how she was killed.

Recall that on Sunday July 8, 2018; Khadijat‘s body was found in a grave Adeyemi dug inside his room in Akure, after he had allegedly murdered her for ritual purposes (read here).

Adeyemi who made his confession during his parade by the Ondo State Police Command in Akure, on Wednesday denied involvement in Oluboyo’s death, Vanguard reports. However, the State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Femi Joseph dismissed Adeyemi’s story.

He said the suspect single-handedly looked for digger and shovel with which he dug a grave in his room and buried Khadijat who had been declared missing six days before her corpse was found with Adeyemi.

However, according to Adeyemi, it was Khadijat that brought the two boys who eventually killed her into his room. He explained that he had dated Oluboyo for four years before they parted ways in 2015, and that they only reconciled after the last Ramadan celebration.

He went further to say that he joined cyber crime, popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo, this year and upgraded to Yahoo Plus to earn more money.

According to him, his friend introduced him to Yahoo Plus, which involves ritual activities after he complained to him that he was not getting money from the ‘trade’ as should be expected of a member of ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ club.

Explaining how Oluboyo was murdered, Adeyemi said:

”Khadijat was my girlfriend since 2010 and she visited me to help her in writing her final project in school. She slept in my place on Thursday and left on Friday the following day. She sent a text message to me on Monday, 2nd July that I should send some money to her.

But I was surprised to see her that same Monday when she came with two boys to my room. I left her in my room with the two boys but when they called me some 30 minutes later, one of the guys brought out a gun and ordered me to kneel down while one of them was making love to Khadijat who was naked on my bed.

Khadijat was begging them to leave and promising not to tell anyone about what happened but they strangulated her in the process and ordered me to go and bring digger and shovel.

I thought they wanted to use that to escape from the scene of the incident but when I entered the room they were still there and ordered me to dig the grave where we buried her in my room and covered it with the rug.”

When asked why he failed to alert his parents or tenants when he was ordered to look for the diggers, Adeyemi, who completed his National Youth Service in 2017, said;

“The tenants were busy watching World Cup match and the noise from the home theater in my room was too loud to make them know what was happening even when we were digging the grave in my room.

The two boys left after burying her and I couldn’t sleep in my room that day and I had to sleep in my brother’s room because I wasn’t myself and I couldn’t tell anyone because no one will believe my story.

I don’t know the two guys, though they have visited my place thrice with Khadijat I don’t know them or their names. I have been dating Khadijat since 2010, she was my girlfriend but I knew nothing about these guys, she invited them, I don’t know their names but I can recognize them.”

Narrating further, he said:

“I did not kill Khadijat for money ritual, though I joined Yahoo business this year and never made any headway I don’t plan to do any ritual”.

Reacting to Adeyemi’s claims, Femi Joseph says his defense is infantile; dismissing his “cock and bull story.”

”His defence is very infantile and does not hold any water and I am very sure in the next few hours he should begin to talk”.

Police sources hinted that the defence put up by the suspect was to divert attention as he had earlier confessed during interrogation that he and the other suspects, now at large, killed the victim for rituals.

On how the suspect was arrested, the police spokesperson said:

”We met the suspect who happened to be the boyfriend to the late Khadijat, in his room trying to pack the remains in a sack and this is to tell you that he killed Khadijat.

According to him, he mentioned some other suspects now at large but we found that he single-handedly looked for digger, shovel, dug a grave in his room and buried Khadijat.

The Police immediately swooped on him, and on close observation of his residence, it was discovered that the suspect had actually buried the missing girl for six days and was planning to exhume the remains and finally dispose of them.

According to him, he was not comfortable with the stench coming from the decomposed body as it was not properly buried. The suspect will soon appear in court while the effort is on to arrest the alleged accomplices.”


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