Challenging! See Why A Mom’s Exemplary Academic Feat Makes Her Son Proud

Contrary to the belief in some quarters that a woman’s place is within the four walls of her kitchen, many women- old and young are rising to show that they can achieve more than they get credit for.

It may not be an extra-ordinary news if this feat was achieved by a young woman; not because it is too cheap a feat but because over time, a lot of young Nigerian women have had their footprints in the sands of time; and they can’t be ignored no more.

A proud son of a super mom has taken to Social Media to give deserving accolades to his mom, as she was recently called to bar.

According to the excited son, Oluwatosin Ajayi, his strong mom was called to bar after attaining the position of a chief nursing officer. He said she had paused her own dreams so she’d be able to nurture her children, and afterwards; she pressed further to achieve hers.

Celebrating this remarkable achievement on Twitter, the proud son sharing his mom’s picture wrote:

”My mum got called to the bar today,I am very excited and motivated. She left her dreams to take care of us and now she’s achieved her dreams. She’s a chief nursing officer and now has added another title to it. She’s has challenged me and my other siblings.”

”Thank you y’all for the wonderful and sweet comments, she’s really happy and glad she’s encouraging someone out there. Our women deserve the best of the best, big ups to y’all ladies out there. I really never knew this was going to blow up.”

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MIM says a heartfelt congratulations to the super mom!

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