7 Nigerian Celebrity Couples & How They First Met

Eyinade Eweje

Check out the love story beginnings of these fab Nigerian celebrity couples we absolutely love…

1. Annie & Tuface Idibia

Tuface & Annie

The actress met her legendary musician beau while she was still a teenager. In an interview with MIM, Annie shared,

“I met him right before my 15th birthday in the studio. I was working on something at Even Extra Studios and he was recording with Blackface and Tony Tetuila then. I was going in and he was coming out, we met, and to cut the long story short, today, we’re married with two kids…he’s all that I thought he would be as a husband and more.”

2. Paul & Anita Okoye

Paul & Anita Okoye

In an interview with MIM, Anita revealed,

“We met at the University of Abuja; off campus 11 years ago at one of my friends, Chioma’s house. I was new, young and I’d just met Chioma then actually. We were all in the Law department and she invited me to her house. Another friend, Jersey, then said some guy was coming. I went to a Catholic girls’ school by the way, so, guys coming over was a big deal. We got to Chioma’s house and they all went to make up and I didn’t get it. So, I was the one who had to open the door when the guy came with his friend. It was Paul and Shehu. Paul came in, we exchanged greetings and he told me he wanted to see Jersey. He saw her and they started talking but at a point, he just started looking at me. So, I left them and went to get ice cream. I got back and dropped my ice cream to get a spoon and he took it before I came back. We had a little tiff because of that and later started talking. He said, ‘You look like Britney Spears.’ I was like, ‘What! How do I look like Britney Spears?’

He suddenly wasn’t interested in Jersey anymore and Jersey too was interested in Shehu, so they went outside and Paul and I talked for a long time. He travelled to Lagos that night to record and the next day, my friends and I were talking and they asked ‘Do you like Paul?’ and I was blushing.”

Paul added,

“When I saw her, I expected the normal reaction to meeting P-Square but she just kept her strong face and did not seem to be impressed at all. I ended up ignoring the initial girl (I was pursuing) and started chatting with this young girl instead…Anita and I just clicked; also she was generous with her money and really spoilt me because I did not have money then.”

The couple who wed traditionally in Port-Harcourt in March, 2014 and subsequently held their court wedding in January, 2015, have a cute 3-year-old son, Andre.


3. Peter & Lola Okoye

Peter & Lola

Sharing how they met, Lola told MIM,

“I met Peter when I was working at an Advertising Agency.  P-Square had just started at the time and was one of the brands we used for a road show. We became friends while on the job, and it evolved into a relationship. We’ve been together for over 10 years now.”

Peter added,

“We met at some event in Port-Harcourt and I kept thinking who is this beautiful Indian Goddess I just met. I was scared to approach her because P-Square was just upcoming but the second time we met at Enugu, I was opportune to sit with her and just kept admiring her. I asked for her number but she didn’t give me. Eventually, an old friend, Mr. Paul, one of the owners of Chocolate City, got me her number. I called her and she was shocked. We started talking, became friends and started dating.”

Lola and Peter got married in 2013 and have two adorable children, Cameron, 7, and Aliona, 3.

4. Olu & Joke Jacobs

Joke & Olu Jacobs2

These adorable veteran actors have been married for 31 years. Sharing how they met, Joke reportedly said,

“I met my husband at the National Theatre while we were rehearsing for Jero’s Metamorphosis by Professor Wole Soyinka in 1981. Our first meeting, if I could remember vividly, I went to call Miss Ene to come and watch our rehearsal. They were in a production meeting, and, when I entered the office, the first thing he uttered was, ‘This is the woman I am going to marry.’ When I left the office, I said to myself, ‘How can anybody say it just like that?’ He always insisted that I eyed him every now and then. We started out as very good friends. Four years later we got married. We met in 1981 and married in 1985.”

Joke & Olu Jacobs

They have two lovely sons together.

5. Osas & Gbenro Ajibade


The Nollywood couple, who recently welcomed a baby girl, met on the set of Tinsel and tied the knot in June, 2015, after dating for three years. Reflecting on their relationship, Gbenro reportedly once said, “I used to be one of those kids that never considered marriage. It wasn’t a priority in my life but she gave me a reason to re-think that.”

6. Ali Baba & Mary Akpobome


Nigerian ace comedian, Ali Baba and his top bank executive wife, Mary, met in 1992 at the bank she was working at the time, where he had gone to open an account. They became friends, dated and had a daughter. After a few hiccups, they parted ways and eventually, Ali Baba put a ring on it in April, 2006.

7. Dakore & Olu Akande


Reliving how she met the beautiful actress, Olu Akande reportedly revealed, “It’s a day I will never forget in a hurry. Contrary to what people think that I saw Dakore in a movie, the very first time we met was in a poetry recitation in London. The moment I saw her I walked up to her and we exchanged numbers, and the rest is history. She is a loving girl and I’m happy I found her.”

The lovely couple tied the knot in 2011, and have two beautiful daughters.

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