Dear MIMsters: Could There Be Any Other Reason Why Mum Treats Me So Poorly?

I really need your advice on this as I’m so down with tears. I can’t believe that I am being treated by mum in this way. Could there be any other reason why my mum treats me so poorly?
I am a working Mum, still living with my parents as I am not officially married to my fiancé. My Mum no more includes me in any family issues and does not even help to take care of my daughter when I am at work. 
This morning, she prepared my little cousins for school, fed them and left my daughter unatteded. I saw that and broke down in tears. My Mum’s attitude of late shows that she is indirectly driving me away from home.
All she keeps saying is that I am not helping her. She is a business woman with two workers and I also work all day and night, and on top of that, try to take care of my daughter as well. With the little time left, I just help her with whatever she is doing.
I’m the one who does the laundry for the whole family but she still complains. Right now, I just feel like resigning from work but I know that they are still going to criticize me for becoming unemployed. I am just confused now and just wish that I am married and living in my husband’s house.
My baby dad is trying so hard to marry me from my parent’s house. I have cried my eyes out today wishing I hadn’t had a child yet. With my little income I still buy gifts for my mum and other members of the family, cook for the whole family and my mum’s workers just to please her but she still doesn’t see anything good in what I’m doing. She doesn’t even show care or concern for me anymore.
Even when I’m sick, she doesn’t even ask what’s wrong with me. I am just lost in the family just doing my own thing to please them. Even if my daughter is doing something bad like going astray, my mum will just be looking at her and say nothing.
She recently broke my phone and my mum just sat there watching her and didn’t try to stop her, saying it’s not her own phone. I don’t know my crime after all the apologies to her for having a baby out of wedlock. Should I just move out and get a room of my own? I am just so pained. Please advise me.
Note: my fiancé still takes good care of me and his baby and sometimes provides for my family too

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