This Emotional Piece Of Pains And Aspirations From A Grieving Mom Is Sure To Make You Look Inwards

This is an emotional piece from a bereaved mom.

Every pregnant woman prays that she would hold her bundle(s) of joy in her hands, and even every one remotely connected to her look forward to welcoming her baby & saying a hearty ‘congratulations’ to her.

On Sunday, July 15; Danielle Urban was taken to Crockett Hospital, Lawrenceburg; at 36 weeks pregnant.

Her placenta had ruptured and her baby, Blakley, was gone. Danielle had to deliver a lifeless baby. The grieving mom said she had noticed her baby’s kick on that very morning she was delivered lifeless.

Danielle, mom-of-2 took to her Facebook page to share pictures of her dead baby and to express her pains & aspirations in words; it is an emotional piece.

See below:

”My faith was tested today as I gave birth to my breathless child Blakley. I never got to look into her eyes, hear her first cry or laugh and I never proved her first word was going to be mama or gave her a bottle, changed her diapers, took her to Kindergarten, I wondered so much about her personality and I’ll never know.

Everything I planned for the two of us to do together never happened. I felt my baby’s kicks this morning and now I’m being asked to plan her a funeral. My worse nightmare has became reality and it’s by far the worse thing I’ve experienced yet but my Blakley has wings yall.

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When I said stayed tuned on a post earlier it was because Friday evening when I left my house these were not here and showing back up today they are the only flowers standing in my yard! Sunday, July 15th 2018 I posted a prayer at 8:37 am “😊

Some days are harder than others but I’m coming to you Lord praying for strength during my weakness this morning!

I pray for motivation because I’m physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted! I pray for opening doors and opportunities for an enjoyable career for myself to provide well without depending on anyone other than you Lord. I thank you God for showing me things I’ve needed to see, although it’s hurtful.

I thank you for allowing me to see things for what they truly are and drawing me closer to you and further from them. It’s pouring rain and all I’ve heard and felt lately have been storms but I can feel it coming to an end and I know the betrayed, disappointed, lonely feeling in my heart is only temporary for you have not abandoned me nor my children, and I am thankful.

I pray for forgiveness for I have sinned and that I become wiser instead of bitter, I pray that if I don’t have the courage to distance myself from negative influences that you distance me so that I stay focused. I want to become more like you and less like the world.

I want to hold on to what’s important and allow my attachment to anything distracting me from you to die. I pray for good on the lives of loved one’s as well for no matter how good or bad our here and now is, everything can change in a blink of an eye.

I pray we surround ourselves with real and pure love and strive to improve things about ourselves that are unholy, I know I come to you asking for so much this morning but Lord you are needed, and I love you with all of my heart.

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I thank you for working in my life although I’ve felt the pain, I can’t imagine the gain! I pray for a good day today and for you to continue to work in my life for I am foolish and naive and you are bold and correct God.

In all of these things I am praying, In Jesus’s name, Amen 💞” Same day at 6:43 pm I had my Blakley who little did I know was already with Jesus! When I said I’ve already felt the pain I was clueless as to what I was about to feel, holding my lifeless baby. I was right about being foolish and naive, I should have prayed for my baby to be healthy and happy, little did anyone know Mason and I planned Blakley!

She was the first and only child of mine that I have planned and very soon I won’t have tubes therefore never again will I have children. These flowers made me cry tears for my Blakley again because I felt the pink symboled Blakley herself, the tall was symboled for Jacey Kate and the short one was for my Jagger!

God has a plan for our lives that is very important, it may not be what I planned and this may only look like flowers to you but it was a sign for me, I am not alone and I believe with all of my heart!”

We are sending lots of love to you, Danielle!

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