The Newly Wedded Wife of Veteran Actor Olu Jacobs’ Son, Blessing Douglas Reveals The Cost Of Their Traditional Marriage As Their White Wedding Holds Today In Lagos

Marriage is a beautiful union if the parties involved are disciplined enough to stay true to its tenets, and if they are able to look out for the best interests of each other.

What is more beautiful is when as a parent, you live long to see your children get married. This is a joyous period in the home of veteran actors, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva as one of their sons, Olusoji Jacobs gets married to his hearthrob, Blessing Douglas.

Last weekend, 30-year-old Olusoji traditionally tied the knot with his Rivers state born bride, Blessing. The white wedding is scheduled to hold today, in Lagos.

In a recent interview, Blessing Douglas reveals how much her traditional wedding cost.

Blessing explained that her wedding cost a fortune and the designer for the dress she intends to rock for the white wedding is Lanre Dasilva.

According to the newly wedded wife, who graced the cover of KOKO brides, her wedding cost more than N10million. She further revealed details concerning the love of her life as well as what she makes him special.

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Check out excerpts below:

How did you meet Soji and how long have you guys been dating?

I met Soji in Lagos. I have known his mother for like 5 years because I have worked with her in quite a few projects, so based on that relationship.

I got to know the rest of the family members, which includes Soji, his brothers, and his father. We started dating in 2016 when I graduated from the college and went to Lagos for my NYSC.

Why is Soji so special?

He is everything I ever prayed for in a man. He is very calm and very disciplined. He is religious as well, not in terms of being self-righteous or being a fanatic, but he respects God and upholds the biblical principles and so I was drawn to all those qualities.

Most importantly, he knows how to say “I’m sorry” when he is in the wrong and when he is in the right.

We also have communication about everything, because communication they say, is the most essential in any relationship and so we communicate a lot.

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What is the most expensive accessory you will be wearing for your wedding?

This is the most expensive wedding in my tribe and it is called the IYA marriage. It is the most expensive and the highest in the land because it is the king that gives you out, so everything I am wearing is expensive.

Can you give an estimate of what the wedding cost in terms of preparation?

The preparation cost over 10 million because this house as you can see is still being re-painted. There was a lot of renovation and everything. You will get to see more in Porthacourt.

I’m sure you are seeing a lot of security presence, making sure everyone is fine. You have also seen the caliber of people coming in.

Congratulations to the Jacobs.

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