Mom-Of-3, Caroline Ekanem Danjuma Shares On How She Chose Her Daughter’s Life Over Hers And It Is Emotional

Every child birth is a miracle, and every childbirth- it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not is a miracle and must be seen as such. Actress and businesswoman, Caroline Ekanem Danjuma has shared the struggles she went through to have her daughter who turns 4 come September, 2018.

The mom-of-3 revealed that her daughter’s pregnancy was a life and death situation and she was asked by her doctor to choose between saving her own life or that of her daughter’s. She also revealed that she was battling with fibroid while she carried the baby in her womb.

When the girl was eventually born, she had two holes in her heart. Miraculously, she is alive today.

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“My darling 3 yrs old daughter .. in Christ you will grow and learn his ways ???.. counting Down to your 4 th birthday SEP/13/2018 girl is growing ????.. born sep 13/2014 with two holes in the heart .. I was battling with fibroid too while I carried you in my womb.

The doc told me to choose between you and I whom she should save if I had to be rushed in for a CS operation and for sure I chose you but God’s words are different from man.

I serve a living God who never sleeps.. HE put you under his wings .. for once I have never had any reason to worry.. healed by his blood. I have been holding on to this testimony .. you have been nothing short of an angel .. the happiest little girl I know .. may God grant me the grace to be a good mother to you ??? #myuntoldstories#jesusistheaurhorandfinisher.”

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And we say a resounding, “Amen!”

Just yesterday, Caroline’s ex husband’s girlfriend, Kelly, took to social media to flaunt her relationship with Musa Danjuma which she got bashed for. She had disclosed in her post that they’ve been together for 5 years and still counting (read here).

Below is Caroline’s post:

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