Nollywood Actor, IK Ogbonna’s Wife, Sonia Morales Ogbonna Talks Tough On Relationships And It Is Controversial

Sonia Morales Ogbonna, Colombian wife to Nollywood star, IK Ogbonna is a motivational blogger and an author who left her country and family behind in Serbia to start a new one with the love of her life.

The mom-of-1 who is a relationship blogger, is well-known for speaking candidly about love and relationships.

In a new post outlined on her Instagram page, Sonia corrected the notion that most ladies have of a failed relationship. According to her, not all relationships are meant to lead to the altar and she backed it up with solid reasons.

Read below:

”For some reason, people (mostly females) are brainwashed to think that every relationship that didn’t lead to marriage is a”waste of time”. Where you rushing to?

Let me start with à gently reminder-marriage isn’t any form of achievement like some of you might think. You make yourself a Queen, no one will do it for you. Achievement is to be happy. Period.

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Let me explain further: everybody was sent to our lives for a purpose, but NOT EVERYONE was meant to stay. Some are meant to teach you things you need to know to continue your journey towards your destiny, but without them.

Your paths will split after their mission is complete, and that’s not a tragedy but a huge blessing. You helped each other out now its time to go. No regrets, no hard feelings because EVERYTHING sent your way is ALWAYS a GIFT ????Experience is the greatest source of wisdom,and be thankful for it.

Real purpose of it is not to teach you about others or to make you develop a negative stereotype about them (“all men this/all men that”) but to allow you to get to know YOURSELF better.

That’s the real purpose of interactions with others-to trig a knowledge that will help you understand yourself better, to understand what you really want and what you can/can’t deal with.

To help you learn about your own capacities and weaknesses and above all to help you open your eyes about what you truly deserve and how worthy you actually are.

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Without experience you are most likely to settle for any kind of rubbish treatment and poor relationship assuming its all “normal” and “the way it was suppose to be” because you simply have no clue about life and you barely know yourself so you can easily fall a victim of manipulation and COMPLETELY LOOSE YOUR PERSONALITY in process.

Take your time. You gotta stop FORCING things-it can only lead to to MISERY,relax,enjoy life,love yourself, follow signs and hear your guts out: whatever feels off, trust me, probably is.”

While some agree with her views, some section criticized it. In the post, she clearly stated that marriage isn’t any form of achievement like some ladies might think.

Some of her fans reacted saying:

  • bankheadgroup If marriage isn’t an achievement, why are you married??? I honestly think you’re contradicting yourself. With all due respect You should preach love, prosperity and happiness not all this bull crap.”
  • ibe_martin shut up your mouth there! Marriage is not an achievement you left your country because of it! Happiness is not an achievement because you don’t work hard to be happy it comes naturally! They say family first so if there is no marriage will there be family? You don’t have brain that’s why you keep posting nude photos and you expect women to listen to you, idiot.”
  • ibe_martin@sonialareinaa you a fraud it remains an achievement! They said family first if there was no marriage will there be family? Why do people congratulate people after getting married!
  • teemagic101This is what I keep saying! When rich morons become celebs, they always forget that all they have is money, not sense! If marriage is not an achievement, then what did God create Eve for? To be sleeping with animals right? Well I know your marriage is not an achievement, you married for the show off… so live wit it… lmao ????.”

Here are some of the positive comments:

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  • mummyzee3315I’m married (happily married) but I say it everyday! Marriage is not an achievement!! Marriage is not a ticket to heaven!! Being married doesn’t make you better than the next person… Marriage Is sweet when u r with the right person but it doesn’t validate u as a human. I agree with u ???? on this one mami… All ye judgmental Nigerians that read to reply without understanding, I’m in my house come n beat me!!
  • obietrezyVery true ma’am and I always believe that God knows what’s best for everyone. No matter how long or short you’ve dated someone, as long as God says that particular relationship won’t lead to marriage then it will never happen no matter how hard both parties try to do it.
    He alone knows when each and everyone would get married, so those who are rushing all in the name of their friends are getting married, those that think they’re getting old or whatever, well as long as God hasn’t approved it omo you go still dey queue dey wait ooh. Only God do have the final say in whatever we are doing in life….
  • mimi4shortOmg I love this!!! But sadly some girls will never understand this.

Sonia and her hubby tied the knot in June 2015, and they welcomed their son named Ace, in June 2015.

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