A Facebook User Advises Women To ‘Flaunt’ Their Men On Social Media After This Happened. Do You Think She Is Right?

A Facebook user Nora Oma Patrick, who was a victim of domestic violence from her first marriage has advised women to stop keeping their relationships secret.

This is coming after a man was exposed for having sex with seven popular women on Facebook; with none of them knowing about the other because they all kept their relationship with him private.

Nora, who is now a happily married mom-of-2 said keeping your relationship private and off social media can be a good thing, but it can also be bad because you may not know that your man belongs to someone else.

She advised that flaunting him on social media will ensure that you are informed by other social media users if he is married or in a relationship with someone else.

Nora’s advise came after a story went viral on Facebook about a married Nigerian man who had sex with seven Nigerian women he met on Facebook, some of who are popular names.

Four of the women he slept with are reportedly friends and two are blood sisters. But because they were keeping their relationships private and away from one another, they didn’t know the man was playing them.

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And Nora advised;

”In this social media era, we endlessly hear the “keep your relationship out of social media” advice.

That being said, I am a believer of doing things in moderation. A believer of everything has its own advantage and disadvantage.

In the process of keeping your relationship zero out of the so called social media; your boyfriend might be unknowingly dating you and six other ladies; your husband might be unknowingly married to you and two other women. He might even be a ghost, you never can tell these days.

With everything that happened on Facebook this week, lesson learned; there is a difference between being private and being secretive.

You don’t have to show us what y’all eat for breakfast or lunch everyday, the colour of your bedroom , or how many times you shine Congo;but once in awhile,publicly celebrate your love, show your partner, post his picture, publicly own your relationship to avoid akuko.

Ladies talk to each other more. Stop hiding your relationship from each other; worst case scenario, they snatch the man and indirectly save you from future heartbreaks.

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Try and talk to each other. The only way that randy man oshi can pull off his parable of seven virgins stunt was because of lack of communication; not that he is the smartest person on earth.

Nonsense and earthworm Peepee

Nora Oma Patrick.”

Photo credit: Facebook/Nora

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