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Dear MIMsters: He Doesn’t Want No For an Answer. Should I Give Him Another Chance?

Tope doesn’t want no for an answer. Should I give him another chance? Tope who I have dated for 6 years started seriously cheating on me lately. He has being cheating all along but I would always find reasons to forgive him whenever he apologizes.

Lately, he has being making frequents calls which is unusual. Now, even if I call him a thousand times when he is on his calls, he won’t respond until he is done talking to whomsoever and it really hurts me a lot.

Before now, he never paid attention to any particular girl even though he finds ways to cheat once in a while, so this got me worried. I searched his phone and found the frequently dialed number and called it. Her name is Patience.

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Patience, the woman on the other end told me that she and Tope are dating and that Tope told her that we are no more together. I explained to her that he is deceiving her and she also gave me her word that she will stop communicating with him since she has found out the truth from me.

Unfortunately for me, the phone calls continued. I spoke to Tope severally about it but he kept on denying it all. So I sent some of the Whatsapp chats and voice notes between Tope and I to her so she can see that we are a normal couple and know that he is deceiving her when he tells her that we are no more dating but it all fell on deaf ears.

Tope got upset and came all the way to my work place to give me the beatings of my life for sending those evidences to Patience. Not only that, he told me to the tell Patience that I made up the our messages that I sent to her by myself. Hmmm, this really hurt huh? But I never did what he asked me to. I felt embarrassed and disrespected.

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He claimed he is sorry and apologized for his actions again and I stupidly accepted. Only for me to find out that this same Patience he told me that he has nothing to do with anymore, her number was saved on his phone as “my own” and he is still going out with her. I got furious and decided to end it all but he won’t accept it. He even called Patience in my presence for her to confirm that they are no longer seeing each other. But I just don’t know the kind of game that they are both playing with me because he once told me during an argument that even if I send a video of him and I making out to the lady, it wouldn’t change anything between them.

Mimsters, I really need to be alone now but he doesn’t want to accept it. Anytime I mention a break up, he will run to my house to plead, kneel and cry like a child. I need your advice on how to handle him because I am scared of getting hurt over and over again.

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