Check Out Waje’s Open Letter To Young People And Responses From Fans. Who Do You Agree With?

Every one has an opinion on how success can be achieved. Lending a voice to this topic is Nigerian A-List Singer, Aituaje Ebele Iruobe popularly known as Waje.

The Nigerian singer whose vocal range covers three octaves has penned down an inspirational and a thoughtful note to inform young people seeking success that the struggle is real, and that the hustle is not as glamorous as they assume.

The Voice judge and single mom of a teenage daughter  wrote that young people think it’s all about wearing makeup, smiling, and taking photos, but that it requires hard work.

Sharing the note, the successful musician wrote:

“What’s your worth? The value you bring? Successful people grind!”” Dear young people, you have to work! You think cause of the clothes and the lifestyle, we hang our legs and sit with makeup and a smile? It’s disheartening.

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You send me dm’s of how you want a job etc. in the last three months, I have worked with three personal assistant with every one complaining the job is stressful. So you thought the job was taking pictures?”

While some of her followers agree with her point, some say it doesn’t speak well of her to have worked with four PAs in just three months.

One Cassiazee advised that she should check herself if she isn’t the reason her employees were leaving and not just the job itself.

  • cassiazee On the contrary, It’s not quite reputable for you Ma’am working with 4 PA in 3months. It is said that “Employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses, likewise they don’t choose jobs, they choose bosses. Just yesterday we were celebrating people who have spent 15years in my organisation, they were pioneer employees of the organisation and still here, and to think we are very technical and an extremely demanding organisation, yet barely gets a resignation. Please look within you and ensure you aren’t the reason for their exit and not just the job itself. ????????.”
  • ginger_dredlocks@officialomolego God bless you. They pay peanuts and expect you to forfeit your life and work like a machine ????????????

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What’s your worth? The value you bring? Successful people grind!

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