Check Out What Nigerian Actor And Entertainer, Charles Okocha Reels Out As His Spec For A Wife.

Nollywood actor and entertainer, Charles Okocha  a.k.a Igwe Tupac explains why he has a cordial relationship with his mom in a new interview. He also regards that to be the reason he often feature her in his videos.

Okocha, who sat for an interview with PUNCH further opened up on the kind of woman he would love to spend the rest of his life with.

According to him, he would eternally consider himself very lucky if he could find a woman like his mother; a woman who will treat him exactly the way his mother treats him.

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“I am still looking for that right woman; a woman who is going to love me for me, not just for my social status or anything; I don’t want to get into any relationship that won’t last.

She should be there for me like a mother and a sister; she should be able to treat me the way my mum is treating me right now.

I appreciate my mum so much; she has been very supportive, if I’m to come to this world again, I’d still want her to be my mum.”

On going into social media skits and its impact on his career, Okocha says:

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“Social media is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Although I still appreciate my movie background; social media has been the best.

I am making it big through social media. Of course, I am not trying to downgrade other platforms I’ve been on but social media has really increased my fan base.”

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