Intriguing: This Dead Spouse ‘Showed’ Self At Wife’s Maternity Photo-Shoot And It Is Re-Assuring

“It was raining all over the island except at our location,” she said. “We kept saying Stuart was there helping keep the rain away and luckily all we had were gray clouds.”

Taking maternity photo-shoot isn’t new but adding a dead spouse in the shoot is definitely profound. And the submission of the photographer as stated above is so touching. She said it was raining all over the Island except at the spot where they were having the shoot. Now, that’s something!

A woman identified as Stephanie Maynetto-Jackson lost her husband, Stuart Jackson when she was 18-weeks pregnant and decided to have a maternity photo-shoot with her dead husband included.

The 28-year-old woman photo-shopped a shadowy figure of her 28-year-old husband into her maternity photo-shoot, reports.

Despite the gloom this type of photo-shoot may translate to viewers, this widow was seen smiling down at her husband while holding her protruding tummy with her two hands.

She explained that her decision to do the photo-shoot was to show that her husband would always be with them.

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Stephanie was married to Stuart Jackson and they were expecting their second child. Sadly, he died in a tragic motorcycle accident when Stephanie was just 18 weeks pregnant. The couple, both Army veterans, were just two weeks away from learning the sex of their baby when Stuart sadly passed away.

As the birth of her baby got nearer, Stephanie, who revealed that she was having another boy planned a maternity photo-shoot, and included her late husband in it.

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“The shoot was honestly a very difficult day for me because those days make it seem a bit more real that Stuart is no longer physically with us.

He loved taking photographs and documenting our journey. He did great both behind and in front of the camera. He was a natural and had a smile that could brighten any room. He definitely passed that along to both of our sons.

I was inspired to do the shoot because I wanted our son to have maternity photos that would always remind him that Stuart and I both planned for him.

We wanted to bring him into this world and he should know that he was loved from the very beginning. He won’t have memories with him but this was a way for him to cherish this time in our lives,” the mom of  two said in a chat with


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Stephanie had her second son on May 17, and called him Stuart II, SJ for short. The amazing pictures from the shoot have now gone viral with many people praising her courage and strength.

Below is her reaction to people’s response to her maternity shoot:

”The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive from most people. A lot of people have said that they now cherish their loved ones and treat them better. I have noticed a lot of friends and family that were affected by his passing begin actually “living” their lives.

It was heartwarming to hear that our love story was followed by so many people in life and then in death it continued to inspire so many others. I’m just so glad that our story is being heard and shared throughout the world. I hope that it helps people cherish those they love and hold them close.

My boys will grow up to know who their father was and this was one way to make sure that they never forget just how much we loved each other and them.”

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Photographer Phoenix Sipin explains that during the photo session, the mood was bittersweet.

“It was raining all over the island except at our location,” she said. “We kept saying Stuart was there helping keep the rain away and luckily all we had were gray clouds.”

Sipin said further that she tried to keep the session as positive as possible because of all the emotion involved in the process.

“The hardest moments were when I had to pose her for the images I would be incorporating him in. The image of Stuart kneeling and kissing her belly was hard. She had to visualize him there to get the image I needed,” the photographer stated.

“She showed tremendous strength throughout the entire photoshoot and I am so proud of her and know that her boys are in amazing care.”

“I was overwhelmed while we were shooting because as I held onto my growing belly, I knew that [Jackson] wouldn’t be there to watch our children grow older,” Maynetto-Jackson told Popsugar.

“I kept thinking about everything we talked about as far as how we would raise our children.”

After the session, Sipin immediately began to edit the images and she explains that, “adding Jackson into the photos was one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life so far. I cried through all of them.”

In a blog post entitled “How My Client’s Story Changed My Marriage” she revealed how she is a military wife herself and that it made her think about how the situation could have been her.

Photo source: Kmivelissephotography / Samantha Byrd Photography

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