Ways to Prevent & Ease Your Back Pain During Pregnancy

Generally, seventy percent of women experience back pain during pregnancy, especially in their third trimester.

Pregnancy weight gain, muscle strains, hormonal changes, posture, center of gravity, stress and medical issues such as infection or osteoporosis are possible causes of back pain.

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The best self way to handle back pain is through exercise. Exercising regularly helps in maintaining a healthy body. It is advisable to start with the simple ones with flexible timing and progress gradually. Note that the treatment of regular back pain differs from its treatment during pregnancy. Wrong treatment of back pain in pregnancy will only worsen it.

For prevention, try these:

Swimming as an exercise is safe during pregnancy as it is gentle on the body. It tones the stomach and back muscle without overexertion or increasing injury rates.

Yoga helps with the aches and pains in pregnancy as it aids in toning the reproductive organs and the pelvis.

Good posture prevents you from an aching back. It is necessary to always maintain a good posture. Avoid standing in one position for too long. Avoid crossing your legs as that can prevent the circulation of blood flow through your body.

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Comfortable shoes are a must for preggos. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can put a strain on your back. If your legs are swollen, go for flat comfortable shoes instead.

Kneel or Squat to lift or pick something off the floor instead of bending from the waist. Bending can make the cord wrap around the baby’s neck.

Heavy objects should not be lifted by a preggo. Avoid lifting heavy objects.

Support belt takes some of the weight of your baby off your tummy muscles and back.

To ease back pain:

Walking daily for about 10-20 minutes before and during pregnancy helps to loosen the muscles and joints that cause back pain, contrary to some believe that walking increases back pain.

Maternity pillows are designed in a way that they can relieve the symptoms associated with neck, back and hip pains.

Heat and water are very helpful in easing aching backs. A warm bath, a hot pack or a warm jet of water from a shower head can help ease discomfort.

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Massage gently. Massaging can also help to ease back pain though the effects are temporary. You can ask your partner to give you a massage but care must be taken not to massage deeply into the dimples on either side of your lower spine as this can stimulate contractions. It is advisable to get a professional Masseur.

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