How To Raise Children Without a Wrong Sense of Entitlement

Adesua Iyoyojie

Entitlement means the right to have something. Yes, as parents we owe our children certain things like love, care and support but we do not owe them everything. When we over indulge our children, they can grow into adults with a wrong sense of entitlement. 

Here are a few ways to keep your children feeling less entitled…

1. Don’t always bribe or reward them for good behavior:  when children are always rewarded for doing the right things, they may grow up thinking you owe them something for doing what is right. When the rewards stop coming, they could stop doing the right thing; giving gifts for doing the right things will always make them expect rewards for doing what is expected of them.

2. Delegate chores to your children: From taking the trash out, doing the dishes, sorting the laundry, washing the bathrooms, toilets to making their beds. Instill a sense of responsibility into your kids by delegating age appropriate chores to them. 

3. Teach them empathy which involves putting themselves in other people’s shoes. Entitlement mentality can make them self centered and they will begin to think the whole world revolves around them and care less about people around. Make them realize the feeling of those around them matter, too.

4. Teach them to always take responsibilities for their actions even when they are in the wrong. Don’t always pitch in to rescue them by interfering with natural consequences.

5. Teach them how to handle disappointments: A child who feels entitled will find it hard to handle disappointment as he expects everything to go his way. Teach your child that disappointments are part of life and a learning curve.

6. Allow them make their own mistakes and learn from it.

7. Teach them contentment: when you always give them what they want whenever they ask for it, they become entitled. Make them appreciate whatever they have.

8. Lay down clear rules in your home and follow through. When rules are broken, enforce consequences. 

9. When they request for something and you say no, stand by it especially when you have genuine reasons for your actions.

Whatever the depth of your child’s sense of entitlement, it can be lessened.

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